Keke Palmer’s Refreshing Take On Practicing Compassion


Keke Palmer is wise about more than just what it takes to be a great actress. The star just shared a powerful commentary on love, compassion, and finding “the one” that we all need to hear.

In a recent tweet, Palmer shared her thoughts on a viral TikTok video. The actress began, “I’ve been wanting to do a little video about this for a minute. Check the next clip.”

Viral TikTok Touts ‘Liberating’ Epiphany About Love

The video then cut to a TikTok of a young man sharing what he called “the epiphany of a lifetime.” In the video, the TikToker admitted that he hurt a girl he had been dating.

When the woman brought the pain he caused her to his attention, he told her he cared and their discussion continued. However, when his partner began to cry, he realized that he felt “nothing at all,” and went on to break up with her.

The TikToker continued his story, describing his lack of emotion at seeing his partner cry as “liberating.” He then realized that he may have been “pretending to care this entire time” about the girl he was dating.

Though the end of the video was cut off, we find out he went on to say that he believes he would have cared about hurting this woman if she had been “the one.”

Palmer’s Insight: Compassion Is ‘A Choice You Make’

Apparently, this is a topic that Palmer is passionate about. In fact, she feels very strongly that compassion isn’t necessarily something you’re born with; often, compassion needs to be learned.

As Palmer said, “People assume that when they find the one, they’re going to all of a sudden have these magical qualities that they never had before. If you’re not compassionate, emotionally available, loving, or you’re not choosing…to be that kind of person, it’s never going to happen.”

The actress was quick to point out that she was not trying to take down the guy in the video. Instead, she just wants people to know, “No one (no matter how awesome) can make you be someone you aren’t trying to be.”

She continued by saying that compassion is “something that you learn. Ultimately…if you don’t work for it, you’re never going to have it. No one is going to be able to make you have it. And if you’re expecting them to, they’re always going to lose, love.”

Several people concurred with Palmer on Twitter. As one reply said, “I agree. You either already possess those qualities or you choose to learn how to possess them but it’s not because of a person…it’s a choice you make.”

It’s a great reminder that people usually don’t simply change after finding “the one.” You have to be intentional in order to be loving and compassionate—love is a choice.


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