Kelly Ripa Explains Why Botox Is Important For Her

Like many other celebrities, Kelly Ripa has written a memoir. She’s sharing some inside details about her life and career in her new book, Live Wire: Long-Winded Short Stories—including her experiences with Botox. 

Ripa Tells Fans ‘You Are Not The Only Person Aging’

Live Wire, which just recently hit shelves, gives Ripa’s fans a behind-the-scenes look at her career in television, as well as her relationships with her husband, family, and co-workers. The morning show host also shared why she is so open about her use of Botox and other cosmetic procedures. 

“It’s so taboo,” Ripa said, referring to the secrecy that usually surrounds these types of procedures. “If I wasn’t on camera, I don’t necessarily know that I would own a hairbrush. My appearance is not something I think about as much as you would think, but because of the nature of what I do, my appearance is constantly being pointed out to me by others.”

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She continued, “I want people to know that no, you are not the only person aging. Everybody’s aging, but if you see people that are aging on a slower progression than you are, they are [probably] having help.”

“And that’s not everybody—some people are naturally gifted. My mom is 81 years old, she has never had any work done, and she has flawless skin,” Ripa laughed. “But she’s not under stress all the time and definitely has a better sleep schedule than I have. So what I’m saying is, the more people talk about it, maybe the less [judgmental others will be].”

Ripa: ‘These Are My Choices For Me

In an interview with People, Ripa again discussed her use of Botox. “For me, it was just more of my comfort level,” she explained. “I kept saying, ‘I need to quit my job because … it’s too early in the morning, it’s too much reading, it’s too much work, it’s a lot of anxiety, it’s too much makeup and it’s weighing on me and I’m just looking older than everybody else.’”

However, once Ripa started getting cosmetic work done, those fears and anxieties went away. Now, the morning show host is encouraging others to do what works for them. “I’m not saying you should let people bully you into cosmetic procedures. These are my choices for me,” she emphasized. 

Kelly Ripa’s openness about her use of Botox and other fillers, as well as her candid statements about why she uses them, is inspiring to many other women who might feel they need to keep their own procedures a secret. It’s a refreshing change in the entertainment industry.

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