Khudra Corporation: A Nepalese venture studio


Khudra Corporation
Khudra Corporation

Khudra Corporation was formed in 2018 to strengthen Nepal’s startup environment. Here, entrepreneurs come together to build great companies.

Venture Studios offers an initial capital amount and operational support for a new company. It also assists entrepreneurs in dealing with the uncertainties of setting up a company or business. Its purpose is to create as many successful enterprises from the ground up as possible. It is kind of like a co-founder and long-term partner who sticks with you through good and bad times.

In Nepal, Venture Studio is a comparatively recent but unique and revolutionary concept. Ambitious young business owners and entrepreneurs could well have come across this term and questioned what it implied. A venture studio, in brief, tries to establish multiple businesses in a short amount of time. It’s a unique approach to entrepreneurship that combines business formation and venture funding.

Nepal has seen a rise in entrepreneurship throughout the last decade. As a result, many VC firms and FDIs developed. Although, Venture Studio is still unknown and uncommon. Despite some attempts to follow this strategy, the Nepalese economy generally neglected it.

About Khudra Corporation:

Shashank Das and Sakshyat Khadka founded Khudra in Late 2018. Initially, it was a small rural-enterprise supporter that teamed up with partner organizations like Atharva Initiations and IME Pay to provide assistance and financial literacy to Nepal’s rural populations. During the tour, the founders noticed that the scenario for urban firms in Nepal was challenging. So, the concept of a venture studio was born.

In the Previous fiscal year, Khudra made a significant impact by investing in a travel tech business in Singapore, an ed-tech startup in Nepal, and acquiring a foreign creative firm, Yoddha Studios. By utilizing its talents and portfolio, Khudra hopes to improve its financial performance in the upcoming years.

It has a portfolio of five companies in Singapore and Nepal. It also has worked with notable brands including Urban Tiller, BioSEA, One Cinemas, Vidyarthi, Yoddha Studios, Gojek, and more.

The company’s main goal is to collaborate with daring entrepreneurs to build renowned businesses. It focuses on a specific group of passionate founders who want to make an impact with their startup. Khudra works with startups by sharing equity in their company from the beginning. It provides cross-domain expertise, technical and business support, as well as the brand establishment. It offers reliable support, operates more like a passionate co-founder, and never disowns you.

Operation Models:

The models of Khudra are quite simple. It operates in two models: one in which businesses are genuinely investable and scalable. The other is for the majority.  

The corporation has expanded into a full-service venture firm with offices in Singapore and Nepal. Simply put, it is a platform for startups, businesses, and entrepreneurs to advance their ideas.

It does not leave any earnest founders behind. Khudra welcomes anyone who is passionate about their insights.

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