Kids Finally Moved Out? Reclaim And Redecorate Their Old Room


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Whether your child has gone off to college, moved to a new city, or simply moved out of home for good, parents across the country are probably finding themselves with some extra space.

Some empty nesters will mourn the vacancy, keeping the room intact as a shrine to their child and poised for visits. Others will celebrate the additional space, with redecorating ideas all buzzing in their minds.

In a Houzz poll asking parents whether they would change their kids’ bedrooms after they move out or leave them as is, 2,127 said they’d make the change while 743 thought leaving the room unchanged was the best choice.

If you fall into the “change it” category like these parents and are looking for ideas, Decorist recently launched a new service just for you.

Remote Room Decorating

Choosing where to begin when remodeling or redecorating a room can be daunting and expensive. Decorist Virtual Design Consultations make hiring an interior designer convenient and more affordable. 

The 30-minute, $59 video design consultation can help you design your perfect space whether you’re creating your own design, drawing a blank, or nearing the finish line.

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Decorist matches you with an interior designer based on your needs. During the call, you can show your consultant your room, and share details about your needs and goals. Your designer will then offer ideas including furniture sourcing, room layout, and renovation ideas. After the call, you’ll receive a designer summary with personalized recommendations. 

Decorist’s new service is a great way to efficiently jump-start a new look for that now-empty room. Not sure where to start? Take Decorist’s design quiz, and check out some ideas for your newly empty room below.  

Ideas For An Empty Nest Bedroom

Here are a few basic ideas to help get the wheels spinning.

1. Home Office

Working from home has become increasingly popular over the past couple of years. Making your vacant space into a cozy home office is a no-brainer if you often work remotely.

This desk is simple and modern and perfect for transforming a small space into an office.

This office chair comes in 4 colors and my favorite thing about it is the flip-up arms, which make it easy to tuck under your desk to save space. That functionality also allows you to sit criss-cross applesauce if you so desire.

2. Guest Bedroom

One popular option is to give college-bound children’s rooms a light refresh, converting them into guest rooms. Then adult children still have a place to stay when they come home to visit, but the room will also be appropriate for guests.  

Empty nesters can also get the best of both worlds by converting the additional space into a hybrid office guest room with a daybed or murphy bed.

This modern murphy bed leaves space for an office, hobby room, or home gym.

Now is the perfect time to splurge on luxurious bedding. Parachute has become the go-to for sturdy but soft linen sheets that come in 11 beautiful colors.

3. Hobby Room

You might find that you now have time to work on hobbies and passions you had previously put off, too busy raising your kids. Transform that old bedroom into a sewing nook, art studio, music room, or library, and cross some items off your bucket list.

This simply desk is the perfect workspace or accent table to store supplies and decor.

4. Home Gym

Transforming the empty bedroom into a home gym can save money as well as allow for faster, more efficient workouts. It might even encourage you to exercise more often.

Work out with perfect form in your home gym with this oversized mirror.

Regardless of what you choose to do with your extra room, Decorist can help you make it both beautiful and functional.

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