Koven Reach For Higher Ground


Koven Reach For Higher Ground: British drum ‘n’ bass duo Koven started getting interested in music at a very young age.

“Growing up around parents who were always passionate about music and listening to music,” Katie Geraghty says. “Not that we are from the same household — Max [Rowat] and I aren’t related (a lot of people assume we are, or that we’re in a relationship) but it’s something Max has shared with me in the past. Making the step into creating music was just something that I think came very naturally to us both.”

While traditionally a drum ‘n’ bass outfit, their sound crosses many genres.

“It’s hard to describe our sound or put it in a certain bracket,” they say. “But one thing we do always try to achieve is a cinematic, dramatic, or optimistic mood with the music we create. Something to evoke feeling – that’s what we try to do anyway, can’t be sure we always do.”

They say that the UK electronic scene is stronger than ever (“The crowds and the energy is amazing.”) Meanwhile, the new single is “Lions.”

“‘Lions’ is a strong, empowering anthem about overcoming trials and tribulations or pushing yourself through something and coming out on top,” they say.

Looking ahead, Koven has plenty planned for 2022.

“We have lots and lots of new music coming,” they say. “We are in a very fortunate position to be sitting on some great demos as well. And the shows just keep on coming – again, super fortunate! But you can catch us at some of the biggest festivals this year, across the world.”

Koven Reach For Higher Ground: The “Lions” single is out this Friday, June 24. The Higher Ground EP is out in August.


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