Kurdmax TV: The Leading News Channel for the Kurdish Region

For the longest time, the Kurdish region had limited media freedom. There were few entertainment and news channels broadcasting in the Kurdish language, and most start-up TV stations closed before because of numerous obstacles. But this has not stopped Kurdmax TV from reaching the top.

Kurdmax TV is one of the leading media channels in the Kurdish region. It started ten years ago and has linked the Kurdish people to the outside world and given fellow Kurds a platform to showcase their talents and skills.

Their professionalism and strong focus on local programming have made the station popular in the Kurdish region and beyond. Kurdmax TV has been widely recognized for its entertainment programs. It has been ranked the top TV channel in Iraq’s Kurdish region from 2017-2022, with the highest viewership.

According to the CEO of Kurdmax TV, their goal is to bring more local and international programs and provide youth a platform to share their skills. They are also using their station to focus on matters affecting the community.

The Kurdish region does not get a lot of recognition from the outside world, and many people do not know about this region. It is sometimes hard to find Kurdish programs, and Kurds must often watch series and dramas from other communities dubbed into Arabic or Kurdish.

Kurdmax Media Network is working to close this gap as they give Kurds a platform to showcase their talents and connect with the outside world. The TV station has brought premium entertainment into homes and is giving everyone a chance to participate in the fun.

Kurdmax Media Network offers Kurdmax TV, Show TV, Kurdmax Music, and Kurdmax Pepula. Kurdmax TV also covers the latest news, and they have Kurdish and international entertainment programs helping them unite the Kurdish people. Kurdmax TV is sharing more about the culture with Kurds and using their shows to uplift young talents in the entertainment space.

The media network has a YouTube channel, which has grown to over 1.3M subscribers. Kurdmax Media Network is using these platforms to entertain their audience regarding Kurdish culture and tradition as well as support Kurdish actors, actresses, musicians, and other talents.

Their variety of series, dramas, and educational programs has made Kurdmax TV the #1 family TV in the region. Since it was started, Kurdmax TV has been changing the Kurdish media and entertainment scene one step at a time, and its efforts have enabled the station to become the leading news and entertainment channel in Kurdish.

Based on the IPSOS 2021 report, Kurdmax Media Network has the highest viewership in the Kurdish region. They have managed to break into a highly-regulated space and change how Kurds consume media.

Before Kurdmax launched its TV station, entertainment was taboo, and there weren’t many programs that authentically portrayed the Kurdish region. Kurdmax TV is now changing this by entertaining audiences through the many programs available in the Kurdish language.

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