L.A.’s Top Chefs On The Perfect Father’s Day

Chefs and restaurateurs are arguably some of the hardest working dads on the planet.  Crazy hours, supply chain problems and labor woes are part of everyday life for those who have survived the pandemic. According to a recent survey of 1,000 Americans by Manly Man Co., only a third (33.6%) of Americans chose Father’s Day as being one of the most important holidays. Adding insult to injury, Father’s Day was beat out by Mother’s Day (41.2%.)

We reached out to some of L.A.’s tastiest dads on their idea of the perfect Father’s Day. The general consensus was they didn’t want ties, fancy gifts or bottles of bourbon, just more time with their families. Here’s what they had to say… 

Brandon Kida, Hinoki & The Bird, Go Go Bird, American Airlines Flagship Lounge
Sleep in till I naturally wake up. Greeted by smiles from my beautiful wife, amazingly cute baby, and two wonderful dogs. Have friends and family over for cocktails and a home-cooked meal. Fun and interesting conversation filled with laughter. Finishing our day with a quick twilight round of nine holes of golf at my favorite course. 

Elisha Ben-Haim, culinary director, American Beauty, The Win~Dow, Superba restaurants

Maybe sleeping in would be nice, but just being able to celebrate with my boys and give them some extra attention would be really special. 

Father's Day

Curtis Stone serves up seared venison loin with chocolate spiked crust at the Iron Chef Legend lunch (Courtesy Netflix)

Curtis Stone, Maude and Gwen Restaurant and Butcher Shop

I’m a simple man. I want my kids to make me a breakfast burrito with bacon and guacamole then go to the beach and have a surf. I’d love to get a massage, which I never do for myself – there’s just not enough time.

Ryan Costanza, executive chef at Abernethy’s

The ideal Father’s Day for me starts with a lazy morning lounging in bed with my wife, 4-year-old daughter, and dog, along with a cup of perfectly brewed coffee. After I’m properly caffeinated, I’d head out on a 20 to 30-mile bike ride. I’d spend the rest of the day with my family, enjoying our favorite foods, listening to great music, and just enjoying each other’s company without checking our cellphones even once!

Father's Day

Executive Chef Isaias Pena (Courtesy Qué Padre)

Ivan Vasquez, owner of Madre

My perfect Father’s Day would be to travel to Oaxaca, visit the mezcaleros that are fathers, and sit down to talk about mezcal and drink with them. My dream is to get a group of mezcaleros and do a Father’s Day event for us fathers in one of the distillers.

Executive Chef Isaias Peña

Regional Executive Chef, Qué Padre  and  Hank’s 

The perfect Father’s day for me was when my girls were little and they’d wake me up hungry, followed by making breakfast, and finishing the day grilling up some steaks and cracking open a cold beer. Nothing gets better than that.

 Owner/Executive Chef Tony He, Chef Tony Dim Sum

Pasadena and  Arcadia 

The perfect Father’s Day is to let the father who has been working very hard have a relaxing and comfortable time, and let him know we care so much even though we don’t always get to say this out loud, but our love is always there while the whole family is enjoying the food around the table.

Owner/Executive Calogero Drago, Celestino Ristorante and Drago Restaurants 

The perfect Father’s Day is to have a delicious bowl of pasta, vino, and be surrounded by my loved ones. Salute!

Father's Day

Chef Brandon Kida not playing golf (Michele Stueven)

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