LA-FED Union President From Leaked Council Recording Resigns

L.A. County Federation of Labor president Ron Herrera resigned after being heard in the now infamous leaked audio with city council members, according to multiple sources.

Herrera was one of four officials heard in the 2021 leaked audio, along with councilmembers Nury Martinez, Gil Cedillo and Kevin de  León, as multiple racial slurs and jokes at the expense of other council members were made.

After the audio spread through the local news cycles and social media, Herrera issued an apology for his role in the conversation, mentioning Councilman Mike Bonin, as well as members of the Black and Indigenous communities.

“The calls for accountability are loud, clear, and deserved. I recognize that the community and our affiliates deserved an apology earlier, and am sorry this has not been the case. had to first face my family and granddaughters personally and apologize to them for my failure to stand up to racist and anti-black remarks in that immediate moment. failed them in the moment, and for that hold the deepest regret.

“And now, I apologize to all of you, Mike Bonin and his family, the affiliates, and community members, specifically those in the Black & Oaxacan community. There is no justification and no excuse for the vile remarks made in that room. Period. And didn’t step up to stop them and I will have to bear the burden of that cross moving forward.

“Lastly, to my staff, I send my deepest apologies. It’s you who do the real work of breathing life into this collective movement. My inaction in the moment has likely added to your already difficult task for building solidarity amongst workers and community.

“I will do better, and hope that all of you can find it in your hearts to forgive me.”
































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