LA Weekly: The Best Gummy Edibles To Celebrate National Gummi Day


Gummies. A candy so beloved that they have their own holiday! In honor of this treat that has withstood the test of time on everyone’s list of favorite candy, July 15 is known as “National Gummi Worm Day.” Beyond just worms, gummies come in many shapes and flavors, including a subcategory of adult gummies that give you a buzz from more than just sugar. 

You know what we’re talking about? Cannabis gummies! Perhaps the tastiest form of edibles, THC and CBD gummies are some of our favorite cannabis products on the market today. Easy to dose, portable, and delicious, the right brand will pack a punch that hits just right

Given the saturation of gummy edibles on the market today, it’s easy to get overwhelmed by options. When purchasing gummy edibles we want to make sure that we get what we’re paying for, which is why we look to cannabis experts at Leafly to help guide us. Leafly is the leading destination to learn about, find, and order cannabis – the obvious go-to source for all of our cannabis queries. 

Leafly’s user data shows that we aren’t the only ones who love cannabis gummies and are looking for the best gummy deals in Los Angeles, so we asked the experts for a list of Leafly’s top five favorite gummy edibles – and they certainly delivered! Here are the best gummy edibles to celebrate National Gummi Day and indulge your sweet tooth. (P.S. you can order all of these directly to your door with Leafly’s delivery service): 

Wyld Raspberry Sativa Enhanced Gummies 100mg

Wyld’s Raspberry Sativa gummies are made with real fruit and enhanced with botanical terpenes that may assist in creating euphoric and energizing experiences. Ideal for keeping you focused on the task at hand, refining your creative endeavors, or even better, getting you out on your next expedition, we can’t recommend these tasty cannabis gummies enough! 100mg THC per package, 10mg THC per gummy, you can order a pack for $13.99 on Leafly here.

Camino Wild Cherry – 100mg – 20ct

Camino is one of the best gummy edible brands, hands down. With so many flavors and recipes for an endless list of benefits, our current pick is their Wild Cherry Camino gummies. An invigorating blend of sativa-like terpenes with sweet, fruity notes of tart cherry, these edibles will have you dancing all night long in the absolute best way. An exciting sativa, this blend boast four different terpenes: Limonene (reduces stress, alleviates asthma and allergies, reduces inflammation, and acts as an antioxidant), Beta-Caryophyllene (may assist with the body’s response to anxiety and stress), Linalool (anti-anxiety and sedating effects) and Alpha-Pinene (improves attention span to deliver a more lucid and focused experience). Join the party and get yours for a breezy $18 even on 

Dixie Citrus Blast Gummies – 100mg – Edible

Blasting with juicy citrus flavors, Leafly users think this award-winning sativa-dominant gummy is the best tasting gummy around – and we agree! We recommend enjoying before a concert, barbecue, or anytime you’re looking for a truly tasty and consistently-dosed edible. You can find the closest location to buy from easily online through the Leafly website for $21.00 a pack. 

Kanha 1:1 Pink Lemonade CBD Gummies

Kahna’s gummy edibles consistently make the list of best gummies, and for good reason. Kanha gummies are made with all-natural ingredients, coloring, and flavoring; each gummy is infused with the highest quality cannabis oils to provide the most consistent, safe experience on the market. We love their Pink Lemonade 1:1 gummies, which are sour yet sweet and made with 5mg CBD and 5mg of THC per gummy. Why CBD? Because CBD is a non-psychoactive cannabinoid believed to be an anti-inflammatory agent, natural sleeping aid, anxiety suppressant, pain reducer, and more…it’s pretty incredible! Try it out for yourself by ordering a pack for $26 online from Leafly here

Good News Friyay Watermelon Gummies

Friyay watermelon-flavored gummies are perfect for those of us working for the weekend who need a little boost on our way out of work. Whether you’re working for a paycheck or simply trying to rally yourself for weekend chores and errands, these gummy edibles are the perfect sativa to get you energized and stoked for the task at hand. Flavored a yummy sour watermelon, these tasty treats come in a 10 pack of 100mg for a mere $12.00. Order yours today on Leafly!

National Gummi Day may be July 15, but we like to honor the gummy every day of the year. Thanks to Leafly’s top gummy edible suggestions, it’s never been easier to get our hands on the best cannabis gummies any day. Head over to for easy online ordering or join the party by downloading the Leafly app to learn what the best strains are for you and to keep an eye on all the coolest cannabis products to hit the market! 


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