Lady A’s Charles Kelley First Performance Of His ‘Goodbye Letter To Alcohol’ Is Powerful And Inspiring


Charles Kelley of Lady A is taking his songwriting to another level. Instead of writing about typical country music topics, the musician is opening up about his struggle with alcohol. And it’s one of the most powerful and inspiring songs we’ve heard in a long time.

As Kelley shares in the song, the road to sobriety can be a battle and life-changing journey. The musician’s new song, “As Far As You Could,” depicts Kelley’s addiction to alcohol. The singer even refers to the new tune as a “goodbye letter to alcohol.”

Kelley recently posted a video to Instagram of his first public performance of the song at a charity event in Augusta, Georgia. In the caption, the musician expressed his gratitude for everyone’s support. As he said, “Thanks for all the hometown love I felt that night.”

The vulnerable song lyrics depict Kelley’s struggle with using alcohol as a vice to finally being able to break the hold alcohol had on him. As the song begins, he shares how alcohol gave him the “courage” to perform on stage and even talk to his wife, Cassie Kelley, for the first time.

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“You helped me make her laugh/’Til you helped me make her cry,” Kelley sings. He goes on to croon, “You started out a friend/Turned into something else.”

As the musician chronicles his journey to sobriety, he sings, “It’s time I put you down for good/For you’ve taken me as far as you could.” The song even concludes with the victory Kelley has had with his journey to sobriety: “‘Cause you took me high/You put up a good fight/But look who’s standing now/Had to almost lose it all before I understood.”

Music That Meets People Where They Are

In another Instagram post, Kelley shared the demo for “As Far As You Could.” This was the first time the musician posted the song for the public to hear. As he remarked about the song, Kelley said, “This song was very therapeutic to write and I hope it can meet someone where they are.”

The Lady A singer has received numerous support in the comments of the post. In fact, Kelley has been overwhelmed by the incredible support he has received from fans and other famous musicians. As Kelley said, “Y’all these comments have brought me to tears. So overwhelmed and happy I shared it. Feel like this is leading me to more honest songwriting in the future.”

We all hope this is true. After all, we could use more honesty in songwriting and other forms of entertainment right about now.

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