Leekthough: A New Age Sensation That Brings An Element of Surprise


Throughout the evolvement of over eight years, the achievements of Leekthough would begin to avail themselves. Artist, Apple Certified sound engineer, and business owner are just limited titles amongst the many positions he plays. Reaching an audience of multi-millions, Leekthough & Soca Jones have created a new field and faction of sound that charms the ear. With the pure ambition to set themselves apart from the rest of the musicians, they began shaping their very own distinctive and unrivaled trend. Creations that range from hype energetic dance hits to captivating melodic cinematic ambiances; continuously contribute in the extensive growth of Leekthough’s fan base. The 2019 EP release of “Astro & Fall for Me” with opposing complementary sensations exceeded the Platinum status worldwide; certified by RIAA. In Hong Kong specifically, “Fall for Me” charted Top 50 advancing Leekthough forward into the international market. This year alone charting No. 1 on 3 separate Spotify Charts; while remaining there for 2 straight weeks he demonstrated the supremacy behind his artistry. Showcasing over 3.5 million streams on his new single Properleek; a cinematic soundscape created by Soca Jones & 17ondatrack.

LeekSeason is a multi-faceted independent production and collective that exhibits distinguishing innovativeness reaching those over the world. Pulling inspiration and originality from cities such as Chicago, Houston, and Minneapolis. Spanning across the multiple creative processes, down to business endeavors, paired with the infrastructure of a freelance record label; everything is accomplished in-house. Founder and CEO Leekthough has brought together such a commanding group to grind towards a shared purpose. The collective does not limit themselves to merely the music; LeekSeason brings an expressive lifestyle to its admirers and supporters.

Leekthough & Soca Jones have been working meticulously over the past year and a half for the success of Leekthough’s next venture. With the Platinum super-producer Soca Jones as the Executive Producer of Leekthough’s highly anticipated studio debut album “Luna” many all over the world await its announcement; you heard it here first, set to be released Spring 2023. Record cuts such as Yeah Buddi and Shottah will be embraced gracefully by California supporters. “My right-hand man and producer Soca has helped me craft a project that people will truly appreciate”, Leekthough states. “I cannot tell you how many people have asked me when we are releasing the album. As we are wrapping up with Luna, it is safe to say that it will be presented to the world within the first quarter of 2023. Believe us when Leek and I tell you; it will be worth the wait” Soca Jones stated. As both put in limitless hours into this authoritative album, the world keenly anticipates the next move of Leekthough.

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