Looks Like Myd Made it


“In movies, teens ask for a guitar and an amp to practice in their room — I asked for turntables and drum machines,” he says. “It got serious for me the first time I saw people dancing in front of me DJing or head banging to one of my demos. OK, that was just my older brother and friends at first, but that feeling of allowing people to enjoy themselves never left me since.”

He describes his style as simply French electronic music.

“Electronic because it’s mostly made from synthesizers, drum machines and samplers,” Myd says. “French because we have this natural gift to make people dance even to melancholic songs.”

Myd says that it’s hard to put his finger on the current state of electronic music because it’s evolving so fast.

“I would just say that after a long period of darkness I can see a comeback of love, light and warmth into the clubs and festivals,” he says. “Maybe it’s something to do with coming out of the pandemic: humans need to feel and connect with other humans, not robots.”

His latest release is the “I Made It” single.

“I wrote this song a year and a half after the release of my first album ‘Born A Loser’,” he says. “This album opened a total new horizon for me and that was natural to write lyrics about. I’m talking about my audience, my collaborations, my travels. Everything changed, and I loved it! I see this song as a global “Thank You” for the life I lived the last two years. Maybe I should have called this song ‘Thank You’ ?”

Looking ahead, Myd has plenty planned for 2023.

“After that much time on the road, it’s time for me to get back into the studio, I need this ‘studio rat’ time as I call it, to search for new concepts, listen to new artists, discover new machines to compose on,” he says. “Let’s hope this time will inspire me to compose new songs really soon. As I cannot stop partying, I’ll also be on the road, but DJing mostly. This will definitely be an electronic year!”

Looks Like Myd Made it: Myd’s “I Made It” single is out now.


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