Love The Puzzle At The Beginning Of ‘Glass Onion’? Here’s How To Play Some Like It


One of the biggest stars of the new hit Netflix movie Glass Onion: A Knives Out Mystery isn’t a member of the ensemble cast. Instead, the character making the biggest waves in the new film is an inanimate object introduced within the first minute of the film—the puzzle box.

At the beginning of the movie, the puzzle box is delivered to five members of the cast. Each person is tasked with first determining how to open the box and then how to solve each of the eight puzzles within the box. Once the puzzles are deciphered, the characters then find the secret within the box.

If you haven’t seen the film, don’t worry! There are no spoiler alerts here. Instead, we’re looking at the games in the box and letting you know where you can find them. Even though the puzzle box in the movie isn’t real, you can still challenge yourself with similar games!

Just ask Chris Ramsay, a magician and puzzle-master who showcases puzzles similar to the one on Glass Onion on his YouTube channel. In fact, he recently highlighted a few types of puzzles that we can’t wait to solve. Let’s take a look at a few of these.

Hanayama Puzzles

One type of puzzle that’s known as a favorite pastime for puzzle lovers are Hanayama puzzles. Designed in Japan, these metal puzzles must be disarmed and then reassembled. Since you have to both disassemble the puzzle and put it back together, it’s like getting two puzzles in one!

Jigsaw Puzzles

While most of us did jigsaw puzzles during childhood, Ramsay points out that there are various options for adults. In fact, some only contain a handful of pieces but can take over an hour.

Puzzle Boxes

Although it may be difficult to find a puzzle as intricate as the one created for Glass Onion, there are plenty of puzzle boxes that come in various levels of difficulty. Ramsay enjoys Karakuri’s boxes because they often appear simply as a wooden figure and not as a puzzle. Plus, if you want to give one of the Karakuri boxes as a present, there’s room to hide something inside. If you’ve seen Glass Onion, this certainly sounds familiar!

Puzzle Boxes: Escape Room Edition

If you’re looking for a puzzle box to do with a partner, there are several options, including ones that are like mini escape rooms. Some of these puzzle boxes take over an hour and have a surprise on the inside. 

While the puzzles mentioned by Ramsay are mostly affordable, he also includes expensive NKD puzzle boxes. Released only once a year, these boxes are meant for the die-hard puzzle enthusiast. At $4,000 and over 119 steps, the NKD boxes are sure to challenge even the biggest puzzle lover.

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