Lunar Energy Hits Close To Home

This week, faraway Pluto retrograde finally returns direct. This icy planet has been in retrograde since spring, encouraging us to find ways in which we can internally adjust or transform. As it returns direct, this energy returns to the external—how can we enact change on a grander scale? How can we make a difference?

Meanwhile, a full Moon swings through three powerful retrogrades: Neptune, Jupiter, and Uranus. These pass-bys occur under the 6th House of Work, 7th House of Relationships, and 8th House of Reincarnation (and mental health). It doesn’t get much more tangible than our routines, love lives, and inner voice.

What will this celestial energy reveal for your sign this week?

There’s a reason so many people avoid accountability: it’s uncomfortable. Holding oneself accountable without external motivation can seem even worse. Since there’s no direct confrontation holding you to it, it’s far more tempting to slack on your personal growth. However, is waiting until someone is involved really the better option?

You’ve always been a self-starter, Aries. Why should this be any different? The changes you wish to see can happen. But you have to take the steps to get there. No one can do that part for you. 

You’re a natural homebody, so it doesn’t take much for you to retreat further into your shell. As far as you’re concerned, your comfort zone is just fine, thank you very much. Still, could that nagging feeling be a tinge of hunger for something different? 

The stars encourage you to consider this change a temporary visit, not a permanent move. If you don’t like what you find outside of your comfort zone, you still have the option to return. But you might be surprised by what you find on your travels.

You’ve been stuck in your head for a while now, but the stars are finally offering some clarity this week. It’s time to direct your efforts toward something more productive. If you can’t make it through the mental roadblocks, then reroute. 

After all, it’s clear that ruminating on this problem hasn’t made you feel any better. But diverting your focus toward a greater good might help ease some of this tension. The solution you’re looking for will reveal itself after some time away.

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The stars urge you to engage in thoughtful introspection this week, Cancer. Your intuition is at its highest during the full Moon—be sure to listen to it. While this doesn’t mean acting on every gut reaction, it does mean paying attention to your body. 

How do the situations and people you encounter make you feel? That can reveal far more than external observations. Keep your eyes, ears, and heart open for what’s to come. If anyone can handle this extra dose of emotionality, it’s you.

No one is above becoming a better version of themselves—not even you, Leo. In fact, you’d be wise to let your pride motivate you to evolve and improve as much as you can. Emotionally speaking, this means using your vulnerability to strengthen, not stifle you. 

People look to you for guidance and inspiration. While admitting you need to change is a humbling experience, it can also be empowering. We all have the capacity to grow. And you have the ability to do so while encouraging others to do the same.

You pride yourself on being a problem-solver, yet there’s one dilemma you can’t seem to solve. Despite your best efforts, it looks like your need to fix things has transformed into a problem of its own. To figure out why, consider the other party’s perspective.

Other people can’t read your mind, which means they don’t always understand your intentions. What might seem like helpful advice to you could come across as overbearing criticism. Your need to help is admirable, but you need to learn to ask first.

As tempting as it might be to internalize these setbacks as personal failures, you must resist the urge. This kind of thinking is largely unproductive and, more importantly, untrue. Things go wrong regardless of who deserves it, and that’s just the way it goes. 

However, there is a silver lining. You are a naturally compassionate and empathetic person. When paired with the wisdom of your past experiences, you have the potential to significantly help those around you. Brush the dirt off your shoulder, and forge on.

This period of emotional transition is coming to a close. Now, it’s time to adjust to your new normal, Scorpio. While some things might seem unfamiliar in this new light, it’s important that you take the time to reacquaint yourself with them. 

Be wary of assumptions and indirect communication. If you avoid speaking your truth, then these old wounds are liable to fester. It might feel uncomfortable and a little scary, but aren’t you a thrill-seeker at heart? This could be the biggest one yet.

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Balancing work and home life is hard enough, but when you cut off communication between the two, it can become impossible. You might be surprised how much more wiggle room you actually have if you would just express your needs openly. 

The right people in your life won’t want to see you fail. And frankly, if they do, then maybe now is a time to reassess whether they deserve to be in your life. As long as your motivations are good, you’ll make it out of this snag unscathed.

An emotionally intense experience is on the horizon, but it’s nothing you can’t handle. There’s a reason you’ve gotten this far, Cap. You are capable and intelligent. If you need some reassurance, don’t be afraid to reach out to those around you. 

The lessons you’ll learn have incredibly transformative power, so resist the urge to shy away from them. You’ll be glad you stuck it out once you’ve reached the other side. In the meantime, keep your heart and mind open to the possibility of what’s to come.

After a certain point, you’ll have to stop pining for change and start enacting it. It’s always easier to stay behind the starting line. If you never start racing, then technically, no one can say that you lost. But is not competing really that much better? 

The stars urge you to focus on the necessary personal obligations you’ve been putting off for weeks. Your mental health won’t improve simply because you will it to—you’ll have to take measurable action to get there, like it or not.

You’re always so preoccupied with whether people like you. But have you stopped to consider whether you like them? That’s just as important, Pisces. Don’t discredit that for the sake of people-pleasing. You’re far too empathetic to be around people who drain your energy. 

Indeed, you are acutely tuned into your environment. Thus, it’s all the more critical that you maintain and protect it as best you can. While goodbyes are difficult, they’re a little easier when they’re justified. You deserve to enjoy life, not suffer through it.

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