Magazine Rumor Says John Travolta Supposedly Romancing Fellow Celebrity


Does John Travolta have another whirlwind celebrity romance in store? One tabloid claims the Grease star is being pursued by an old friend. Let’s dive into the fascinating report.

‘Sparks Fly’ For John Travolta And New Love Interest?

This week, the Globe reports John Travolta has caught the eye of Lisa Marie Presley. Sources say the pair initially started talking to support each other in grief. On July 12, 2020, Travolta’s wife, Kelly Preston, passed away after battling breast cancer. And on that very same day, Presley tragically lost her son, Ben Keough, to suicide. But despite the grim start to their friendship, sources say the pair have grown quite close.

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“John checks in on Lisa Marie… She doesn’t know what she’d do without him,” an insider confides. The magazine notes that Presley admitted to having a childhood crush on Travolta, insisting that the admiration never quite went away. According to the insider, Travolta has been Presley’s “guardian angel” and has even aided in her addiction battles. “Lisa Marie is in a much better place now, emotionally and physically. And she’s opening up to a few trusted friends just how much John means to her,” the tipster concludes.

John Travolta And Lisa Marie Presley In ‘Secret’ Romance?

This story is wrong on so many levels. We can’t even begin dissecting this story until we address the elephant in the room: It is inexcusable to publish such a speculative story based on some of the most tragic moments in people’s lives. There is no evidence to support this story, so, considering the heavy subject matter, it should have never been published.

But, putting the blatant disrespect aside for a moment, let’s address why this story seems so unlikely. Besides a total lack of supporting evidence, there’s plenty of contradictory evidence as well. First of all, John Travolta is a devout Scientologist, but Presley famously left the church back in 2012. It’s been widely reported that Presley was labeled as a “suppressive person,” and current members of the church were discouraged from associating with her.

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So, we seriously doubt a figurehead of the religion such as Travolta would ever strike up a romance with a dissenter from the church. From what we can tell, both Presley and Travolta are hyper-focused on taking care of their children after their tragic losses and haven’t had any contact with each other.

More Gossip From The Tabloid

Of course, the Globe has never had much skill in handling these sensitive topics. Back in 2020, the outlet capitalized on Preston’s passing by reporting that Travolta was quitting Hollywood out of grief. Then the magazine claimed Travolta was romancing an old co-star. And the publication even claimed Presley was moving back to Graceland after her son’s death. Readers can always count on the Globe to use other people’s tragedies to make a quick buck.

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