Mandy Moore Shares Her Secret To Healthy Skin After Wearing Heavy Makeup On ‘This Is Us’

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This Is Us fans know that Mandy Moore put her skin through it while playing family matriarch Rebecca Pearson. For six seasons, the 38-year-old endured long days of wearing heavy makeup to play the lead character in a time-jumping series who aged all the way through to her late 70s. 

The self-described “real girly girl”, who has always been a proponent of good skincare, has shared the go-to skincare products that she used to hydrate her skin after those long days on set. She says she made one simple, game-changing skincare adjustment that has given her glowing skin—she switched to only clean, vegan, natural products.

“I’ve been leaning more on the healthy clean products and my skin loves it,” Moore told Prevention. “I love lotions and potions and products. I’m a real girly girl in that sense, but I’ve kind of abandoned anything that isn’t clean, and I feel a difference.”

So, which products does she use? And how would they benefit your skincare routine? Keep reading to find out.

Mandy Moore’s Must-Have Product Duo For Hydrated Skin

The actress and new mom says that on top of frequently wearing heavy makeup for her job, her skin also has to deal with the dry California air where she lives. Living in that dry environment has put Moore on the constant hunt for ways to keep her skin hydrated and moisturized.

She says she’s been “leaning on oils a little bit more” to keep her skin from drying out. And while starring on This Is Us, her go-to product duo was Dr. Loretta Gentle Hydrating Cleanser and Dr. Loretta Urban Antioxidant Sunscreen SPF 40.

The Hydrating Cleanser will gently remove impurities and makeup while calming and hydrating your skin. And it will do it without stripping your face of the existing natural oils. This cleanser features marine peptides that boost skin’s hydration, plus chamomile essential oil to nourish and soothe redness and irritation.

Moore uses the Antioxidant Sunscreen every day to protect her skin from pollution and harmful sun rays. But, that’s not the only reason. Thanks to the antioxidant known as lipochroman in the formula, this sunscreen also protects skin from free-radical damage that causes fine lines and age spots. 

What’s more, the peptides will hydrate and firm the skin, while the zinc oxide protects it from UVA/UVB irritants.

It’s Not Just About The Face

Moore also uses clean, vegan products to nourish and hydrate the rest of the skin on her body. She loves Osea Undaria Algae Body Oil, which is both lightweight and non-greasy.

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In addition to hydrating the skin, this body oil will also reduce the appearance of stretch marks.

Another product in her skincare arsenal is Osea Anti-Aging Body Balm. It’s a safflower seed- and coconut oil-based “ultra-nourishing body moisturizer that firms and improves the appearance of elasticity, leaving skin supple with a radiant glow.”

This is a rejuvenator that will give your skin a more youthful appearance. One study showed that after just one use, 94 percent of participants agreed that their skin felt nourished, moisturized, and softer, while looking smoother, more supple, and glowing.

For an at-home, luxurious spa treatment, Moore’s pick is Osea Salts of the Earth Body Scrub. When you need a little something extra to fight dry skin, this moisturizer and exfoliator will do the trick and leave your skin feeling silky smooth. 

Talk about self-care! This head-to-toe body scrub will wash away any and all roughness with its blend of Dead Sea, Bolivian Rose, and Himalayan pink salts. Then the shea butter will hydrate the skin and give you that silky smooth feeling, while the babassu and avocado oils work to firm it.

This product works for all skin types, especially dry and dull skin. And, it doubles as the perfect primer before shaving. 

Switch to clean, vegan skincare products like Moore to get the glowing, nourished, moisturized skin you’ve always dreamed of. They truly are a game-changer.

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