Marian Esanu’s 3 Key Secrets to Build a Profitable Personal Brand

Life has many challenges, and living your dream can often be a nightmare. The journey to be the person you dreamed of is full of obstacles you have to overcome. Some will take all your time, leaving you with nothing to offer your family. But how can you build your brand online as an entrepreneur, artist, or athlete? A personal branding strategist, entrepreneur, and podcaster, Marina Esmu, shares his secrets.

But who is Marian Esanu? Marian has an incredible success story to tell. What he experienced shaped him into a selfless person ready to help others develop their brands and become better versions of themselves. He has a long story, but let’s start in 2012 when he and his wife immigrated to the US. In an exclusive interview, Marian says that they arrived at the airport with only $500. They had to adapt to a new economy,  a different lifestyle, and culture.

Marian and his wife quickly picked a few jobs working in restaurants and physical labor jobs to raise money for their startup. They worked 24/7 for years to save up to $20,000, which they spent on purchasing a delivery truck. That was when their lives turned around. The couple learned entrepreneurship and logistics through trial and error. After two years, they built a 7-figure concierge company. Marian has had success after success, including receiving an 8-Figure Award with Clickfunnels. He authored a best-selling book, Brand Up: The Ultimate Playbook For Building A 7-Figure Personal or Business Brand From Scratch.

After his struggles, Marian set out to help other entrepreneurs scale up their businesses. He shares his three secrets of turning from chasing clients to being chased by potential clients. According to him, find the problem your business solves or the need it addresses. Follow it by finding potential customers who identify with your product or service and then outlining what makes your business stand out.

In the second step, Marian advises entrepreneurs to identify the biggest influencers and content they have already created. He says there is no need to reinvent the wheel or spend resources on things others have already done. He advises business owners to create a list of 10 influencers, and identify their content on different social platforms, such as YouTube, Instagram, and TikTok.

The last step is offering a solution while maintaining high-quality content. Marian acknowledges the challenges of rising to the top and getting a sizable audience where everyone is competing for the same spots. But his advice is to demonstrate your expertise and show people you understand your stuff. Using keyword search tools, you can get ideas for your content on trending topics and match them with the search intent. Marina says entrepreneurs should incorporate SEO in their content to help with brand building.

Marian is a selfless entrepreneur seeking to help others succeed. He aims to impact millions of people and help them become better versions of themselves.

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