Mariana Morais: “Be Yourself Because Everyone Else is Already Taken”


It Girl Mariana Morais talks about her latest ventures and the attributes that drove her to the success she has garnered up to now.

By Claire Beimel

Figuring yourself out is a pursuit everyone strives to accomplish, but for many, it is a mission that seems nearly impossible. How are we supposed to know what we like, what we dislike, who we want to spend time with, what direction we want our lives to go in, and why we feel the way we do sometimes? For Mariana Morais, the realization that she was living according to the playbook of others struck her in high school. Always trying to fit in, Mariana came to the decision that it was time to stop hiding the things that made her stick out. After making the conscious decision to be herself, she was able to develop and grow into the characteristics that made her different from others, noticing that these parts of her were actually what made her stand out in a positive way. Now, Mariana thrives on standing out from the crowd and emphasizes the importance of nurturing the qualities that make us unique individuals.

Mariana’s mindset surrounding her image has given her a serious edge in the fashion and beauty industry. Her secret is not allowing her background to determine her future.

“It doesn’t matter where you came from, you are the maker of your own story,” said Mariana, “You are the main character in your own movie so act in accordance to how you would want your favorite character to act.”

Mariana tries her best to bring her dream life into fruition by embodying all the aspects of someone who already has reached the peak she strives for. Since she has harnessed the skills that enabled her to excel in the industry, Mariana has made huge progress in her career throughout the years. One way she stays on top of her game is through girl’s nights with her goal-oriented friends where they plot how to constantly better themselves in their careers.

For Mariana, the qualities she’s learned to embrace about herself have served her well in becoming a pioneer for the multi-faceted It Girl. Her personability and willingness to be a team player have led her to not only be a great networker but a great leader. She encourages everyone to embrace and love the things that make them unique individuals, allowing her to truly connect with her audience. Mariana has found that expressing the care she has for her fans caused an increase in loyalty which built a strong brand rooted in customer value.

“I believe that I’m successful in this tough industry because I’m kind to everyone I come across and try my best to provide value in some way,” said Mariana.

She has proven her skills in the modeling industry time and time again, but recently she has let her business-driven eye shine in the spotlight more. With her new cookie launch in collaboration with Kenz Kookies, Mariana has shown that any venture is worth pursuing because of the next exciting opportunity it could lead to. Along with the cookie launch, Mariana is continuously working on her fitness app BEAAR BODY, fitness clothing line, and Mare Merch.

Currently, Mariana is on a serial entrepreneur track, using her passions and skills to build lasting brands. In five years, Mariana is hoping to manifest some serious boss energy by propelling her businesses into million-dollar companies. She also pictures herself on the cover of Forbes and other notable magazines. As Mariana continues on the path to becoming a CEO, don’t be surprised if you see her dominating multiple industries at once.


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