Marie Osmond’s Granddaughter Finds Family Heirloom In Grandma’s Garage


Even celebrities have garages full of stuff they haven’t seen in years! Marie Osmond recently took to Instagram to show her followers the family heirloom her granddaughter unearthed in her garage. 

Marie Osmond Shows Off Vintage ’70s Toy

“Who remembers this from the 70s??” Osmond captioned a photo of herself and a modeling head toy from the singer’s heyday. “My granddaughter Rocket was out in my garage and saw my old modeling head from the #70s.”

Osmond continued, “She said, ‘Can I have that grandma head??’ The hair was a frizzy mess, so I had to accomplish a major re-styled overhaul for her… Here’s a little secret. For synthetic doll hair, soak it in a mixture of half Downey and half water and let it sit for 20 minutes. Rinse, dry, and style. You can use hot rollers but don’t leave them on too long, or it will melt, and voilà!!!”

Fan Reactions: ‘You Still Look The Same’

Fans loved the reminder of Osmond’s ’70s success and many reminisced about their own Marie Osmond styling heads. “I also had the Marie Osmond doll model hits from the 70s,” one person wrote. “I loved it. You still look the same.”

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Another commented, “I had this along with the Marie doll when I was little!!” Someone else chimed in, saying, “I had one and remember vividly the day my cousin decided to play hair dresser and cut the hair. I was crushed.”

Others commented on the fact that Osmond’s granddaughter, Rocket, wanted the vintage toy. “Great salon hair!! So cute how your grand daughter asked to have it! Adorable,” one person wrote. “Love this and great idea, Marie, and the hair looks super!!” someone else commented. “Rocket will enjoy her ‘grandma head’ and will be great memories for her and all!!”

Osmond Calls Rocket A ‘Little Actress’ And ‘So Funny’

Rocket is Osmond’s eldest granddaughter. The singer and Rocket have a close relationship, and Osmond often posts photos of her granddaughter on Instagram. She’s also called Rocket “her little actress,” adding, “She’s so funny.”

Osmond has a total of eight grandchildren: Stephen, Rocket, Christian, Maxwell, Maude, Wolf, Mabel, and Olive. Let’s hope the singer has enough goodies and toys in her garage for all of them!

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