Mario Lopez’s Post-Party Habit Takes More Dedication Than We Have


Mario Lopez recently gave his Instagram followers an inside look at his nighttime routine. The actor posted a funny meme about his showering habits, leading some followers to share their own thoughts on showering at night. 

Mario Lopez: ‘People Who Don’t Shower Before They Go To Bed Trip Me Out’

Lopez posted a SpongeBob Squarepants meme about people who don’t shower before bed, captioning it, “People who don’t shower before they go to bed trip me out. How you just laying there with all that funk?!”

His followers quickly jumped in to defend their showering habits. “If I was very active of course I’d shower,” one fan wrote. “But for some people taking a shower wakes you up. And I’m trying to go to sleep.”

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“If you thought about all of the sweat and oils that your body secretes while you sleep, you’d understand why people shower in the morning,” another pointed out. Someone else wrote, “well some ppl aren’t that funky & dont have to shower multiple times a day. once in the morning is good enough for us blessed ppl i guess.”

Some Fans Agree: ‘So Gross!’

Mario Lopez joined the discussion when a fan asked, “Come on, you shower after getting home drunk after partying?” The actor replied, “I absolutely do.” Color us impressed that the star is able to resist collapsing after an exhausting night out every time. A lot of the other comments were from people defending their morning shower routines, but others were on Lopez’s side. 

“Right!!!! Tell my husband wash all them germs you got in contact with all day!! He says ‘nope, goodnight,’” someone laughed. Another commented, “Thank you lol I’ve been saying that forever and ppl I know are like what’s the problem.”

One follower wrote, “I know a couple of folks who shower every morning and I just can’t figure it out..” Someone else said, “It grosses me out that they even talk about it like it’s normal. So gross!”

Some tried to be diplomatic. “Depends on what you do if you have a hard labor job and you work for more than 12 hours or more breaks your routine of a normal 9 to 5 grind!” one person said. “Again depending on what you do!”

Lopez’s post definitely opened a can of worms online. His fans seem to be divided on the topic of when to shower, but it’s clear that everyone feels strongly about how their personal preference.

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