Martha Stewart’s Secret To Fluffy Scrambled Eggs Is Surprisingly Simple

In the culinary world, there’s nothing basic about scrambled eggs. In fact, it seems like everyone has their own spin on how to perfect this classic breakfast dish.

Gordon Ramsey, for instance, famously adds crème fraîche, salt, pepper, and chives to his eggs, which he drizzles with olive oil on toast. For fluffy scrambled eggs, Dolly Parton swears by a simple splash of ice water. There are even some who insist that adding baking powder to curds makes them fluffy and plump.

In an attempt to discover the perfect scrambled egg recipe, many turn to water, dairy, cheese, and sometimes unusual ingredients such as baking powder. While these ingredients can contribute to texture and flavor, they aren’t always necessary. 

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Culinary queen Martha Stewart says preparing scrambled eggs doesn’t have to be overly complicated. In fact, she believes simplicity is best, and it all comes down to basic scrambling techniques.

Fluffy Scrambled Eggs With Martha

Martha Stewart’s secret to light fluffy scrambled eggs is rather simple.

According to the queen of food, cooking over low heat while constantly moving the eggs in the pan is essential. Stewart also adds just enough butter to prevent the eggs from sticking.

As she points out, while many home cooks find add-ins necessary, fresh eggs don’t require them for an exceptional scramble. “If you have really good eggs, you don’t need anything in the eggs at all,” Stewart admits. 

To start, whisk your eggs in a bowl. Next, test the heat of the pan by splashing a small amount of water on it, listening for that satisfying sizzling sound to let you know it’s hot and ready to go.

Once ready, pour the eggs into the skillet and cook over low heat. With a silicone spatula, keep moving the eggs around over low heat. In her words, you want the “eggs to cook and set but you don’t want them to brown or get too hard.”

As soon as the eggs are set, Stewart transfers the golden fluffy scramble to a heated plate. In her opinion, this is an essential step. “Always put your eggs, if you can, on a heated plate,” she insists. 

Keeping true to her less is more approach to the perfect scramble, a simple sprinkle of salt and pepper finishes Stewart’s golden scrambled eggs. To round out the classic dish, she suggests serving it with either toast or English muffins. 

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