Massive CHWY Options Gains, Fresh Ideas & More

Earnings Reporters Put Up Big Gains:

Our earnings related options ideas for the day panned out well for us yesterday, with some help from another fully bullish session for the markets at large. Stocks surged all day, and well-received earnings reports from our target companies did the rest.

We were zeroed in on the CHWY Weekly $26.50-28 Calls and the PSTG Weekly $25-26 Calls, with a much longer term idea with an August expiration in the Energizer chain, which we’ll circle back to in a future report.  Our quick-strike plays yielded some very nice opportunities for quick intraday profits, and those were as follows:

CHWY Weekly $26.50-28 Calls
 .72-3.00 (+317%)
$27: .56-2.51 (+348%)
$27.50: .44-2.15 (+389%)
$28: .30-1.82 (+507%)

PSTG Weekly $25-26 Calls
$25: 1.95-4.30 (+121%)
$26: 1.45-3.60 (+148%)

Fresh Options Ideas:
LULU Weekly $300-307.50 Calls*
OKTA Weekly $106-108 Calls*
ASAN 06/17 $22.50 Puts

*Trading options contracts on their day of expiration is a high risk/high reward proposition which should only be attempted by experienced traders

Ggtoor, Inc. (OTCMKTS:GTOR) – Recap:

GGTOOR was a company that we profiled a few months back, citing the high potential of tournament gaming, the space in which the company operates. GTOR recently announced the signing of a deal that is potentially very lucrative, and as a result the price has gone through the roof. It will be “building” an entire virtual city complete with its own economy in the metaverse, with parcels selling for cryptocurrency.

Following our reports on GTOR the stock was trading for as little as ,012, and this week it has soared to a new high of .074. That works out to an increase of over 500% It will be interesting for us to see how much of those gains the stock can maintain and possibly add onto as it develops its new metaverse-based project, GGTOORCITY.

Extended Watchlist: