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Enormous Options Gainers:

We took advantage of the SPY with supreme accuracy yesterday. In the early morning, it appeared as if futures would rise, but that was curtailed by some poor economic reports shortly before we sent out our newsletters. We flipped over to the bearish side of things for a fresh target and with the help of a deleterious session for the markets in general, it turned out to be the exact right choice.

We were tracking those SPY 09/14 $406-404 Puts, as well as the CNM Weekly $25 Calls, and witnessed huge intraday gains in both cases. We also have an update on a longer-term play from last week, when we called the GTLB 09/16 $50 Calls on Tuesday morning. Those subsequently posted multibag opportunity as well. All in all, we’ve offered up ideas that have absolutely performed as well or better than one could’ve hoped.

SPY 09/14 $406-404 Puts
4.51-14.00 (+210%)
$405: 3.90-13.00 (+233%)
$404: 3.36-12.00 (+257%)

CNM Weekly $25 Calls
$25: .05-.85 (+1600%)

GTLB 09/16 $50 Calls
$50: 1.24-11.70 (+844%)

Fresh Options Ideas:
DOOO Weekly $70-75 Calls
STX 10/14 $67-68 Calls

Extended Watchlist:


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