Meet Cristobal Trucco – The Chilean/Italian HOTTIE


Being a model is not just about wearing trendy and glamorous attire and putting on some makeup. Undoubtedly, we don’t see the path that takes aspiring models to become the top in the industry. It’s not easy, full of sacrifices and difficulties: from their favorite snacks to what to do with free time -if any-, they usually substitute it all to create healthy eating habits and doing things that portray an active life, not only because that’s what you want to promote, but above all because it is a way of living and for Cristobal A.K.A TRUCCO healthy life is a way of living that he really enjoy.

 An essential aspect of being a model is being physically fit and healthy, one of the most complex tasks in the world according to this writer! But of course, many people have mastered it and are known for just how effortlessly fit they are, and Cristobal is the best example / role model that I can think of. Let’s look at who he is and how he does it all!

Getting To Know Cristobal Trucco!

Chilean and Italian Model/Actor.

Cristobal is a Real Estate businessman, an artist, and a fitness model. He holds an engineering degree as well as an MBA, which he received from the KEDGE Business School in Marseille, France. He also study acting in Fernando Gonzalez Academy in Santiago Chile.

How Cristobal Began Modeling

Right after Cristobal completed his high school education, while surfing during holidays on a Chilean beach, he was approached and discovered by a Producer that was filming a TV commercial for Corona Beer and ended up being the main character. Since, Trucco made his way to model and collaborate for other brands such as Limon Soda, Pepsi and Austral Beer.

Why Cristobal Trucco Is High in Demand

There is a proverb, “hard work does not go in vain,” and it perfectly suits Cristobal. He has spent his days -and nights- becoming a fit and healthy man from the inside out because he knows that what you eat reflect outside. While his physical fitness is undoubtedly one of the most significant reason for big brands to caste him, it is also his healthy and genuine personality very laid back way of living what attracts them the most: while he enjoys any time he spends at the gym, surfing and hiking is what he really loves.

Moreover, Cristobal’s fitness has played a significant part in him experiencing a boom in his career. Eubi Shorts, Corona Beer, and Hiro Clark were pleased with his remarkable look, pushing him further into the social media mainstream.

Now in 2022 he signed with music label Dauman Music and he will release his new single called “ I wish I was your lover “ later this year. We expect much more of this new Pop Star that’s already buzzing.

In addition to this, Trucco is owner of Monaco Propiedades Real Estate, partner at Macarena Club and Freakshow Festival, both in Chile.

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