Meet The Brand That’s Democratizing Skincare, Especially For Mature Skin


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Despite many skincare brands touting positivity and inclusivity, navigating the skincare world can often feel like you’re on a bumpy, nameless road without a map. Those with directions are either too elusive or expensive to offer any real directional help. So you remain stuck in the dark, trying to find what works best for your skin and your budget. 

Fig.1 Beauty wants to change that. Made up of board-certified dermatologists, cosmetic chemists, estheticians, and entrepreneurs, the Fig.1 Beauty community seeks to demystify and democratize skincare, making skin health achievable for everyone. (And they do mean everyone—not just A-list celebs and the wealthy.)

From free consultations to eco-friendly, refillable products, Fig.1 Beauty is working hard to change the skincare world for the better.

First Up: Free Consultations

One of the first things that caught our eye about Fig.1 Beauty was its free consultation offering. Unlike other in-office consultations that can cost upwards of $150, Fig.1 Beauty’s consultation is completely free and online, making it easy to figure out the best products for your regimen without ever leaving your home. 

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Simply answer a few basic questions about your age, skin concerns, and current skincare routine. A Fig.1 esthetician will then use this data to create a custom routine that preserves as many of your current products as possible in an effort to reduce waste—because sometimes you only need a few new products, not an entirely new routine.

Online consultations are a great way to learn more about your skin and Fig.1’s products. But you can also navigate their inventory via categories that focus on specific skin traits such as acne-prone, balanced, dry, mature, oily, pregnant, and sensitive. Here are some of our favorite Fig.1 products for mature skin.

Fig.1’s powerful niacinamide treatment is like a spa-day in a bottle. The formula, packed with restorative ions and B vitamins, is designed to soothe stressed, red skin and brighten the complexion, aiding in a more even skin tone.

Other notable ingredients include postbiotic ferments, which nourish skin and support a balanced microbiome that is important for keeping skin glowing and youthful. The combination of copper, magnesium, and zinc all help the skin heal, helping cell turnover and skin renewal for a fresh complexion.

While niacinamide revitalizes the skin from the inside out, glycolic acid does the same from the outside in. Glycolic acid is a type of alpha-hydroxy acid (AHA) derived from sugar cane. It gently exfoliates the skin, removing dead skin cells to reveal a happy, glowing complexion.

In addition to 4% glycolic acid, Fig.1’s Glycolic Glow Treatment contains PHAs and ultra-hydrating squalane to prevent the redness or irritation that can often occur with exfoliation. The formula is a milky emulsion that has been dermatologist- and allergy-tested on all skin tones and types. This is an excellent option for those with sensitive skin who still want to exfoliate or for exfoliating pros looking for a new, gentler alternative.

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The rejuvenating effects of retinol have long been praised and for good reason. However, retinol can also be abrasive if used incorrectly or on sensitive skinFig.1’s Retinol Night Cream No. 1 utilizes the restorative power of retinol and bioactive peptides to support collagen production, thereby reducing wrinkles and fine lines.

To avoid any negative side effects, Fig.1 prides itself on being totally transparent about the slow-release encapsulation process, their clinical trials, and the amount of retinol in its products (this one contains 0.15%). Fig.1 also has two other retinol products, each with higher levels of retinol, so you can find the one that suits you best without facing the irritated, red-faced consequences.

Fig.1’s Eco-Friendly Promise

The end result is important, but so is the packaging and manufacturing process. Fig.1 has dedicated itself to creating skincare that’s good for us and the planet. One such effort involves offering refillable cartridges you can use with your original glass bottle packaging. 

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We’ve never seen a beauty brand like Fig.1 before—specifically, one dedicated to making skincare more accessible rather than exclusive. Every product is clinically tested to be highly effective, yet Fig.1 keeps their prices reasonably affordable. As stated on its website, Fig.1 makes “high-performance skincare at value pricing.”


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