Meghan Markle Stopped To Do Something Very Rare For A Royal


The members of the royal family have to follow all kinds of rules, especially when they’re meeting members of the public. Meghan Markle recently broke one of those royal protocols for one lucky fan. 

One Lucky Fan Gets A Pic With Markle: ‘It Truly Was An Honor To Meet Her’

“Sometimes moments happen that are special and today was one of these moments,” a woman named Kathy Lynn captioned a selfie of herself and Markle. “the epitome of class and elegance the gorgeous Meghan Markle The Duchess of Sussex and I! She was so gracious and personable…it truly was an honor to meet her.”

While it may seem completely normal to see a selfie of a celebrity with a fan, this is a no-no within the royal family. Royals are not supposed to take selfies with the public, for a couple of different reasons. 

Why Don’t Royals Take Selfies?

First off, when royals are out in public, they are working. While out and about, they want to focus on what they’re doing, whether that’s greeting as many people as possible, or discussing matters with their subjects. 

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“Royals would always rather have a personal interaction than have people clamoring for selfies,” CCN Royal Commentator Victoria Arbiter explained. “If you grant one, then it quickly becomes overwhelming. From a security standpoint, they’re also not ideal as they warrant a certain closeness.”

As Suggest previously reported, “Royals usually politely decline any requests for photos. When you do see pictures of the royals while they’re at a public appearance, the photos are either taken by a professional photographer for the event, or they’re unintentionally photobombing in the back.”

The Royal Rule That Prohibits Selfies

Another reason royals don’t typically show up in selfies? Queen Elizabeth does not like the photo style, and has made that clear to her family. Usually, when the queen doesn’t like something, it’s off limits for the rest of the royals. 

However, there is also a traditional piece of royal protocol that makes selfies inappropriate for royals. Members of the public are not supposed to turn their backs on the royal family, making selfies a no-go. There have been a few royal selfies in the past, but typically, the royals stay out of pictures. 

With Markle and Prince Harry officially out of the working side of the royal family’s life, it seems like the pair has relaxed that rule. As the couple ramps up their public appearances, we can probably expect more selfies of the duke and duchess. 

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