Meghan Markle’s Bizarre Habit Could Be Taking A Toll On Her Health


Members of the royal family use all kinds of tips and tricks to avoid wardrobe malfunctions and stay comfortable while spending hours greeting the public, but one podiatrist is warning Meghan Markle against using her trick for staying in heels all day. 

Why Markle Wears Too-Big Shoes

Some eagle-eyed royal fans have noticed that Markle can often be seen wearing shoes that are too big for her. This might seem like a strange oversight on her— and her stylist’s—part, but the oversized shoes are actually a trick used by many celebrities. 

Wearing loose shoes can help you avoid blisters and uncomfortable pinching, especially when you’re on your feet for long periods of time, whether it’s on a red carpet, or walking through cheering crowds. However, according to one podiatrist, this helpful trick can have long term negative side effects. 

How This Trick Can Affect Your Health

“Shoes that are too big won’t support you as well as they should, and will also put your ankles, knees, hips and back in danger and increase your chance of having an accident,” podiatrist Christophe Champs explained. “Shoes that are too big also negatively impact your standing posture due to their lack of support.”

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This lack of support can also reduce your ankle stability, which can affect things like hip alignment and overall balance. Additionally, it can lead to slipping, tripping, and falling; something a celebrity or royal would definitely want to avoid. 

Wearing any kind of heels, even ones that fit properly, is still a health risk. When you wear heels, your pelvis tilts, which causes lower back pain. They can also stop your Achilles tendon from relaxing, which is what causes the pain in your ankles after a day in stilettos. 

Middleton’s High Heel Tricks

Markle isn’t the only member of the royal family who has some tips and tricks for staying in high heels for hours. Kate Middleton is known for rocking pumps to most royal engagements, and she’s figured out how to be as comfortable as possible. 

The Duchess of Cambridge wears nude stockings with her heels, which can relieve any immediate soreness and pain. Middleton also wears shoes with leather soles, which cushions achy feet. She’s also been known to wear non-slip tights and socks with her heels, which help her keep her grip in her shoes. Markle and Middleton’s tricks to staying comfortable in high heels are useful, but it seems like the too-big-shoe-trick can have some nasty long term effects, so proceed with caution! 

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