Michael Strahan Doesn’t Use Microwaves, But Is Fascinated By How This Woman Pronounces The Word

Fans love Michael Strahan’s Instagram presence, from sharing selfies, to posting behind-the-scenes looks into his work as a Good Morning America anchor. A recent post from Strahan has his followers laughing along with him. 

Strahan Laughs At Nigella Lawson Clip

“It’s no secret I don’t use a microwave, BUT what just happened??? LOLOL,” Strahan captioned a video of himself reacting to a clip of famous British TV chef Nigella Lawson pronouncing “microwave” as “me-cro-wah-vey.” 

Strahan was laughing at the woman’s pronunciation, but many of his fans were used to Lawson’s phrasing. “Awwww were you recently introduced to Nigella???” someone laughed. Another wrote, “I used to love watching her shows. She says many things differently.”

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“I saw this before and couldn’t believe it coming from her… so I Googled it!!!” someone commented. “She did it on purpose… this clip is very old… BUT STILL VERY FUNNY!!!” Others simply left the crying laughing emoji in the comment section. 

While many have poked fun at Lawson’s pronunciation, the TV chef wants to make it very clear that she does know how to say “microwave.” In an interview with People, Lawsone explained, “In our family we often mispronounce words. It’s not that funny, but it amuses us. So when I said microwave, it was just meant to be a bit camp.”

Strahan Asks: ‘Microwave Or No Microwave?’

As Strahan said in his caption, he is very outspoken about his lack of a microwave. It started with a tweet earlier this year: “Question: Do you NEED a microwave or no?? People trip out when I tell them I don’t have one. Microwave or no microwave?”

Twitter users were divided on the subject, with some saying that they were microwave-less and loving it, while others insisted it was necessary for everything from leftovers to cold coffee. 

It seems like most people are on the side of the microwave; the Bureau of Labor Statistics reported that about 90% of American households have a microwave. The appliance has become a trusted tool in the kitchen; some recipes claim you can do everything from bake a batch of cookies to cook pasta in a microwave. 

Strahan seems pretty content without a microwave, but with his newfound fascination for how Lawson pronounces the name of the appliance, the Good Morning America anchor might just change his tune. 

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