Michael Strahan Loves Pictures Of His Dog, And So Do We!


Michael Strahan has a pretty exciting life, traveling all over the world and meeting interesting people as part of his job on Good Morning America. However, it seems like all the morning show host really wants to do is update his fans on his beloved dog Enzo. 

Strahan’s Throwback Shots Of Enzo

Strahan is constantly posting pictures of Enzo, a goldendoodle he brought home in 2016. He recently posted a throwback shot of the then-puppy, writing, “Baby #Enzo! Wow, time flies! Do you think he looks like a baby scooby doo? Maybe that will be his Halloween costume?” He posted another throwback, comparing pictures of Enzo then and now, writing, “Where did the time go??” 

Strahan And Enzo Spend Lots Of Time Together

The GMA co-host updates his followers on every part of Enzo’s life and how the pair spends time together. In one Instagram post, Strahan showed the process of how he hands out treats to the Goldendoodle. “A series of ‘treats,’” Strahan joked. “Swipe until the end… when I don’t have a treat in my hand… he is OUT! LOL”

He also finds time to relax with Enzo. One picture shows the pooch laying on the floor of Strahan’s New York home. “Friday vibes with my boy Enzo!!” the morning show host captioned the photo. 

Strahan seemingly takes Enzo with him almost everywhere. One Instagram post shows the dog hanging out at the beach with Strahan. “Enzo + sand = a good time for him and a lot of cleaning up for me LOL,” he wrote under the picture. 

His most recent post of his beloved dog is an almost-professional looking shot of Enzo. “Some will say the lighting looks great,” Strahan captioned the awesome picture. “I will say Enzo makes the lighting look good! He always shines through!!! LOLOL”

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Fans loved the picture, filling the comments with compliments for Enzo. “So cute,” one person wrote. “He is a handsome fella,” another commented. “Love all the pictures of Enzo,” someone else wrote. 

Strahan’s Instagram followers love getting to see pictures of Enzo, from lazy days at home to videos that show off his ability to do tricks. It seems like Strahan wants to share his love for Enzo with the whole world!

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