Millie Bobby Brown Reveals The Truth About Actually Having The ’11’ Tattoo


Millie Bobby Brown is no stranger when it comes to tattoos. The Stranger Things star has several on her body. Although we previously knew about a few of her tattoos, the actress has recently opened up about all the ink on her body.

As Brown attends red carpet events for her latest project, Enola Holmes 2, the actress and producer has shown off some of her body art. In fact, in a recent interview with Wired, the star answered some of the web’s most searched questions about herself. Apparently, one of the most searched questions about Brown is “Does Millie Bobby Brown actually have the 11 tattoo?”

The answer? Yes! She does indeed have the 011 tattoo on her left arm. The ink is associated with her character, Eleven, in Stranger Things. In fact, the tattoo looks just like the one her character has on the show. Although the ink is fairly small on her left wrist, Brown happily shows it off in the Wired interview. Interestingly, the actress also shares in the video how the body art got her out of a ticket one time.

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The 011 tattoo is far from the only ink Brown has on her body. While some of her tattoos have been seen recently on the red carpet and on Instagram, no one knew just how much ink the actress sports until now. Turns out, the actress admits to having seven tattoos in all!

‘I Have Seven Tattoos’

Though most of Brown’s tattoos appear to be small, they are spread out. At a recent red carpet event, the actress showed off several of her tattoos.

Radiant in a pink lace halter top, the Enola Holmes 2 star’s tattoo on her right ribcage was visible. The body art simply says Ruth, which may be a tribute to a family member. Her late grandmother, Ruth, passed way in 2020 due to Alzheimer’s Disease.

Other ink that the actress has displayed includes a flower on the left side of her back. In a picture shared in an Instagram carousel by her boyfriend Jake Bongiovi, Brown’s simple flower ink is visible.

The actress has a few other tattoos. There’s also body art on her leg, foot, and collarbone. The ink on her left collarbone can be easy to miss. It’s a tiny heart tattoo that can be seen at most of her red carpet appearances. The meaningful tattoos are obviously important to Brown, and she should be proud of the artwork.

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