Network Gossip Says Sean Hannity Supposedly Clashing With Fox News Co-Workers

Is Sean Hannity on the outs with his cohorts at Fox News? According to one tabloid, recent events have caused a major divide over at the network. Here’s what we know about Hannity’s alleged work woes.

Things Turning ‘Ugly’ At Fox News?

This week’s edition of the Globe reports Sean Hannity is an old dog over at Fox News. Apparently, the probe into former President Donald Trump’s involvement in the January 6 Capitol riots has caused a major rift among Fox News pundits. Apparently, the network has started to change its tune on the former commander-in-chief, leaving pro-Trump anchors like Hannity behind.

“Nearly every story you see on air is decided by the higher-ups,” an insider dishes. “The producers are all given ‘guidance’ every morning. For the first time since [Trump] was president, a few cracks have begun to appear.” But sources say Hannity hasn’t been deterred despite producers’ protests, and he will continue to voice his support for the prospective 2024 Republican candidate.

Sean Hannity On The Outs At Fox?

Here’s the thing: Sean Hannity hasn’t wavered in his support of Donald Trump. With that being said, we doubt he’s being asked to do so. Tucker Carlson, the most popular anchor on TV today, is still spouting the same pro-Trump rhetoric he has been for ages. And Hannity, who consistently comes in at second in the ratings, doesn’t seem deterred either.

While it’s true plenty of players at Fox have changed their tune on the former president and are striking a new critical tone following Trump’s legal troubles, we have no reason to believe it’s been an orchestrated development.

There’s no disputing that the network overwhelmingly leans to the political right, but there is usually some minor deviation in opinion from anchor to anchor. At the end of the day, Fox News is still a haven for Trump supporters, and we don’t see that changing any time soon.

More Fox News Gossip From The Tabloid

Of course, this wouldn’t be the first time the Globe falsely predicted trouble for a popular Fox News pundit. Last year, the outlet claimed Tucker Carlson was on the chopping block after his January 6 documentary. Then the magazine reported Sean Hannity was scared Carlson would fire him. And more recently, the publication alleged Carlson was having a breakdown after being inundated with accusations of racism. If the Globe didn’t hit the nail on the head with these other reports, we doubt its aim is any better this time around.

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