Network Rumors Say Sean Hannity Supposedly Battling Fox News Co-Workers, Apparently Scared For His Job


Sean Hannity was once the face of Fox News. Alongside Bill O’Reilly, he was the foremost conservative voice on one of the top-rated news networks in the United States. Thanks to Tucker Carlson, the status quo has changed. Rumors are swirling about Hannity fighting co-workers and fearing for his job. Here are some tales we’ve encountered about Hannity’s supposed problems at the network.

Sean Hannity On The Outs

According to the National Enquirer, the surging popularity of Carlson has left Hannity in the lurch. Making matters worse was the rise of Jesse Watters, a much younger anchor who drew big ratings in his prime time debut. An insider said, “Sean is 60 and totally respected—but it feels like Jesse is the future of the network, while Sean is the past!” The tipster saw no way Hannity could hope to keep up when Watters is crushing it.

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It’s true that Watters’ debut was a hallmark moment for Fox News. He even rivaled Carlson, but Hannity is still handily controlling his spot. He routinely beats CNN and MSNBC, so Fox has no incentive to change its slate.

Bashed By Fox Co-Workers

Per the Globe, Hannity was getting left behind as Fox News leans towards an anti-Donald Trump stance. “The producers are all given ‘guidance’ every morning. For the first time since [Trump] was president, a few cracks have begun to appear,” an insider explains. Hannity was vociferously pro-Trump, so he’d likely be left behind with the new agenda, the source concluded.

The story failed to mention that the whole modus operandi for the last five years has been pro-Trump. Nearly every anchor, including Carlson, has relied on pro-Trump rhetoric and continues to do so. Even with minor shifts in tone, Fox News is still a premiere destination for both Trump and Hannity fans.

Sean Hannity’s Fear Of Tucker Carlson

The Globe reported Carlson could get Hannity fired. He was accruing political power for years from the network brass, and Hannity was apparently starting to sweat. “Even Hannity knows not to cross Tucker,” an insider said. “They are not close and don’t really like each other, but both just ignore each other rather than going to war over who is the most powerful.”

Just because Carlson is the network’s golden boy doesn’t mean he’s the one deciding who to hire and fire. There’s no sign Carlson and Hannity despise each other in the first palace. Hannity will remain on Fox News for as long as his show pulls in ratings, and that shows no signs of stopping.


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