New Podcast, ‘Inside Jeopardy!,’ Promises Interviews With Hosts, More


Jeopardy! fans suddenly have a whole new world of audio pleasure at their disposal. Inside Jeopardy! is a brand new podcast that will bring listeners behind the scenes to learn how the sausage gets made. It’s just one of a few podcasts for fans of the show to enjoy.

Inside ‘Inside Jeopardy!’

Inside Jeopardy! offers an exclusive look inside what goes on behind the scenes. It’s hosted by executive producer Michael Davies. “It’s a brand new podcast with all the answers,” Davies says in a teaser trailer. The show promises interviews with just about anyone you’d care to hear from: important staff, hosts, celebrity fans, and super champions.

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The inaugural episode arrived on August 1. Davies is joined by producer Sarah Foss. The show features its own introduction from Johnny Gilbert, the iconic voice of Jeopardy!. The podcast has landed a coup for an upcoming episode: the first ever sit-down interview with both Mayim Bialik and Ken Jennings. This is a big deal for Jeopardy! fans and it should be interesting to hear both hosts trade their perspectives on the wild road it took to get here.

The ‘Jeopardy!’ Hall of Fame

The podcast also announced the inductees into the Inaugural Jeopardy! Hall of Fame. The Class of 2022 focuses on five pioneers: creators Merv Griffin and his wife Julann Griffin. Julann famously came up with the idea of answering the form of a question

Alex Trebek will be inducted, a shoo-in if ever there was one. Announcer Johnny Gilbert will be honored, and finally Harry Friedman. Friedman was the executive producer for a long time before retiring in 2020. It was his idea to lift the five-game cap on winners, paving the way for super champions. Davies added that he would like to induct the game show’s original host, Art Fleming, someday.

Other Podcasts To Check Out

If you’d like more podcasts about the world of Jeopardy!, then you can check and take your pick depending on which host you prefer. Bialik hosts Mayim Bialik’s Breakdown. It’s a podcast about breaking down mental health issues and has featured such celebrity guests as Justin Long and Dustin Hoffman.

Jennings co-hosts Omnibus, a long-running trivia podcast about telling strange but true stories. The podcast helped land Jennings in hot water, which made his road to hosting Jeopardy! a little rockier. 

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Next week’s episode will feature loads of announcements regarding the Tournament of Champions, including announcing contestants and an interview with Buzzy Cohen. The podcast and hall of fame are all part of Davies’ new tenure as executive producer.

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