New Skincare Product From Revela Promises To Outperform Retinol


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In the vast world of skincare, there are a lot of familiar players, from retinol to hyaluronic acid to vitamin B and more. Most products available on the market use varying formulas of the same ingredients, but Revela wanted to try something different.

Revela is a skin and hair company founded by Ivy League-trained scientists. They use proprietary AI search technologies to find new solutions to old problems. Revela isn’t finding ways to dress up familiar ingredients—they’re discovering entirely new molecules for the job.

First, the team created a revolutionary hair growth molecule called ProCelinyl™. Now, they’ve moved on to another all-too-common issue: thinning, sagging skin that has lost its bounce over time.

Finding Fibroquin™ Out Of Millions

Using the same AI technology that discovered ProCelinyl™, Revela’s researchers screened five million molecules for their skin-tightening and -firming efficacy. Through continuous lab and human clinical testing, the team narrowed their search to a single solution: Fibroquin™. 

Fibroquin™ is a pro-collagen molecule that lifts and tones the skin by helping to restore firmness, fullness, and bounce to thinning, sagging skin. Moreover, the product is suitable for all sensitivity levels thanks to its gentle formula. 

Despite its gentleness on the skin, Revela’s Fibroquin™ Essence formula boasts a high concentration for maximum efficacy. It’s designed to absorb quickly and layers well under makeup and other skincare products.

Clinical Studies Show Promising Results

In an eight-week clinical study by Revela, Fibroquin™ Essence was compared to a top competitor’s 0.5% retinol.

The study participants showed a 21% measured improvement in skin elasticity—double that observed from participants who used the 0.5% retinol competitor. This increase in skin elasticity resulted in more plump and lifted skin, as quantified by a cytometer, a probe used in clinical studies to test the skin’s elasticity.

Additionally, 93% of participants showed a significant improvement in skin elasticity by week eight—all without any negative side effects.

What makes Revela’s Fibroquin™ better than the competitors? Fibroquin™ works to address the changes in our skin structure that contribute to outward signs of aging. By supporting the skin’s pro-collagen bio-pathway directly, Fibroquin™ aims to achieve firmer, more toned skin from the outside in.

Skincare Products Not Working Are Not Your Fault

We spoke to one of Revela’s co-founders last December about their trailblazing Hair Revival series. He said that the Revela team wanted to veer away from the same ineffective ingredients popular in the skincare market today.

“We saw every serum had retinol or vitamin C, and these are 100-year-old molecules. There’s no way that these are the best we can do,” Evan Zhao said. He added that Fibroquin™ “outsmarted” retinol by tackling its shortcomings in skin elasticity and “has none of the purging periods” commonly associated with these harsher treatments.

Zhao said that beauty brands often market their products to imply that “if these products don’t work, it’s your fault. It’s extremely toxic, and the way they push the blame onto the customers is extremely predatory.”

So, if you’ve been frustrated by the skincare products you’ve tried, perhaps a brand new molecule is exactly the thing that can revitalize your skin. With Revela’s Fibroquin™ Essence, you could see firmer, tighter, more youthful-looking skin in as little as eight weeks.


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