Newage private equity fund striving for a brave new world


Dubai Investment Fund (DIF) is a private equity company headquartered in Dubai, UAE. The newage fund is diversified into new asset classes like ESG, IT and Renewable Energy sectors. The fund’s asset managers effectively manage the financial resources globally and are largest investors in the green energy sector in Dubai.

Funds through DIF enables investors to have long-term investment giving balanced and sustainable growth, promoting ethical investments. The asset class follows strict compliance, building a holistic assessment of the green businesses considering all the ESG factors. Incorporation of Environmental, Social and Governance funds has increased up to $30 trillion globally vis-à-vis fostering ESG-concious companies from which DIF manages $300+ billion assets of investors from 61 countries. This not only makes corporations more responsible for their behaviour towards the stakeholders but also provides more return on investments for their customers. However, it is difficult to measure the ESG process as there are no set metrics to compare, but the introduction of carbon credits by climate researchers can be a game changer.

The company makes transparent decisions based on deeply researched reports extracted by a competent team of asset managers. The greenwashing phenomenon is getting common among companies to stand out from competitors. DIF analysts acknowledge this concern of rebranding to ESG companies to reap profit because of increased shareholder interaction after the rebranding. The biggest challenge Investment companies are facing is to manage the expense ratio and increase profitability. This is soon to change by bringing a standard trajectory to measure the implementation of ESG on corporate level.

DIF welcomes people of all ethnicities and professionals to work and achieve one goal. Their goal is to do good to the world around and them strive to work for the benefit of future generations. The company practices systematic investments in Green Renewable Energy Projects and high-tech industries. Being the largest investor in the IT sector, they launched their first ever AI lab in Dubai. This will harness the power of machines and thrive for better and socially significant projects around the world.



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