NFLX Calls Break Out, Fresh Plays


Big Time Gains from NFLX:

We went two for three on our designated options targets for yesterday’s session in our morning report, which isn’t too shabby. The third set has its expiration at the end of next week, so we’ll have some time to see if it’s going to make the move we suspected.

Meanwhile, we’ll go over the intraday runs posted by the winning ideas, which were the NFLX Weekly 207.50-215 Calls, and the BKR 08/19 $26-25 Puts. The latter posted respectable moves, but it was the former which exploded for us even as NFLX reported a loss of roughly one million subscribers for the quarter.  That didn’t stop the onslaught of huge gains that it made, which you’ll see just below:

NFLX Weekly 207.50-215 Calls
 3.70-11.07 (+199%)
$210: 3.00-9.35 (+212%)
$212.50: 2.37-7.65 (+223%)
$215: 1.80-6.20 (+244%)

BKR 08/19 $26-25 Puts
 1.56-2.45 (+57%)
$25: 1.35-1.80 (+33%)

Fresh Options Ideas:
SPY 07/22 $394-395 Calls
CSX Weekly $30-31 Calls
T Weekly $21-19.50 Puts
UAL Weekly $40-39 Calls
LVS Weekly $37.50-38.50 Calls 

Net Savings Link Inc. NSAV – OTC Recap:

We’ve also got a brief update to give on NSAV, which appeared in yesterday’s extended watchlist, and put up a reasonable performance on the day. The stock traded up from a low of .0072, broke the barrier into Pennyland, and hit .0109. A relatively modest gain of 51%, but we’re going to keep an eye peeled for further activity in the sessions to come. The move came on one of the highest volume days of the year.

Extended Watchlist: 


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