Notorious Madame Heidi Fliess Moved To Remote Missouri Town


Plenty of notable Hollywood names have chosen to flee California over the years for quieter lives in more rural areas. However, the latest celebrity to walk that path is a far more controversial figure, and she moved to just about the last place you’d imagine. Here’s everything we know about former madame Heidi Fliess’ big move.

Former ‘Hollywood Madame’ Flees California

In 1993, the world learned about Heidi Fleiss. Fleiss was a native of Los Angeles who, in her 20s, began pandering within the City of Angels. The controversial figure created a lucrative prostitution ring in LA and reportedly dealt with numerous wealthy and high-profile clients.

However, shortly after her arrest, she was sentenced to seven years in prison. She was released after serving only 20 months and has been a fixture of media fascination ever since.

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She has made multiple TV appearances including a short stint on the reality show Big Brother. While she may not make headlines very often these days, the tabloids still keep a close eye on the ex-madame.

Over the past few years, Fleiss dedicated her life to taking care of her dozens of Macaw parrots at her Nevada home on the edge of Death Valley.

However, in early 2022, Fleiss revealed her plans to leave Nevada. The most recent development in the saga of the infamous “Hollywood Madame” reveals she’s ditched desert life in favor of a quieter life in the Midwest.

Heidi Fleiss Moves To Mansfield, Missouri

Reports from early 2022 declared the former prostitution ringleader was moving to Mansfield, Missouri—a small town in the Ozark Mountains. As of 2020, only 1,193 residents lived in Mansfield. However, the town has had its own taste of fame over the years.

Mansfield is actually where author Laura Ingalls Wilder settled down with her family in 1894. It was in Mansfield that Wilder went on to write her immensely popular Little House on the Prairie book series. Today, Wilder’s Mansfield farmhouse is a National Historic Landmark.

The Ozark Mountains are certainly a big change from Fleiss’ Nevada digs. However, she told Missourinet News last January that she was looking forward to a fresh start. Apparently, Fleiss was inspired to move after someone shot her macaw, Chuey, with a pellet gun.

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“I think it’s going to be beautiful. The climate is ideal for these birds, and it will be beautiful to have them living in the forest,” she explained.

The small town of Mansfield has now graduated from its role in Little House on the Prairie to become the adoptive home of the most infamous madames in Hollywood history. Surely the residents of this small Midwestern town know that the truth really is stranger than fiction.

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