November 6-12 Horoscope: Emotions, Ego, And Rebellion


Madame Miranda posts are penned by M. Davis-McAfee and based on the motivations behind each star sign, as described on, and the positioning of celestial bodies mapped by While we appreciate the self-reflection that astrology can inspire, our horoscopes are for entertainment purposes only.

This week, the full Moon conjoins with Uranus retrograde while it flies in opposition to the Sun. Venus and Mercury sit behind the Sun, suggesting a likely overshadowing of communication, intellect, romance, and/or finances by our egos.

Meanwhile, Uranus retrograde calls us to spark our inner rebellion and challenge our belief systems. With the full Moon’s intense lunar power, our emotional selves will likely feel a pull toward something new—but hopefully, something better, too.

How will your sign fare this week?

You’re so used to moving all the time that it can be particularly challenging for you to sit still. This is certainly understandable—stillness begets reflection, and reflection can bring unsavory emotions to the surface. Constant productivity pushes these sentiments aside, making it the far more attractive option. 

However, it is hardly the most productive one. The stars urge you to consider what you can learn in this brief pause. What you find once you actually take a second to look around might surprise you.

Keeping your nose to the grindstone has never been a problem for you. Indeed, you are willing to sacrifice your wants and wishes if it means moving a project, relationship, or otherwise forward. You’ll get your reward at the end, right? 

Sometimes, Taurus—but not always. And this time, you would be wise to shift your thinking. Rather than trying to do everything for everyone, try to narrow your scope. Commit yourself to what’s truly important and let go of what isn’t serving you.

As an imaginative air sign, you don’t let a lot bring you down. Your head can remain soaring above the clouds indefinitely, despite the best efforts of real life’s cynicism. But recently, you’ve started feeling less motivated and inspired than ever before.

As tempting as it might be to wallow in despair, try to resist this urge. This moment will pass—but only when it’s ready to do so. Don’t force it. You’ll want to clip this problem at the roots, not the stem.

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The vast expanse of your emotional being can be hard to fully comprehend at times. Your emotions have the ability to toss you from side to side like a violent, stormy sea. Unfortunately, only you can steer the ship toward calmer waters.

Consider the tangible steps you need to take to improve your mental well-being. If you can, try to start small. No significant change is ever made overnight. Allow yourself to transition at a comfortable pace, even if it seems almost imperceptible right now.

Just because you’re comfortable with certain parts of yourself doesn’t mean that these aspects are positive. There’s nothing wrong with self-love (at all). However, a problem starts to arise when you begin enabling detrimental behaviors and habits.

Holding yourself accountable is not an easy task, but you must try anyway. It’s not a sign of weakness to have to change. Evolution is an inevitability. It’s a lack of growth that should concern you, Leo—not the other way around. This is a good thing.

Just because you’re usually pragmatic doesn’t mean you’re immune to the occasional bout of irrationality. Be wary of trusting your actions so blindly that you can’t critique them. Your feelings won’t present themselves via a neon sign. 

On the contrary, they are far more subtle. Their influence will seep into your actions and words more than you realize. Thus, it’s critical that you choose both carefully. Don’t leave any room for misinterpretation, and take time to cool down when you need it.

Life rarely offers us everything we want. So, it’s up to us to determine what gets first (and second and third) priority. No one can make these choices for you. You’ll have to meditate, analyze, and weigh the options yourself.

Try not to let this reality throw you into a spiral. As your life shifts, so too will your priorities. Eventually, what had to spend time on the backburner will get its day in the spotlight. But doing everything at once isn’t an option.

None of us are the same people we were years ago—most of us aren’t even the same people we were months ago. Your values have likely changed since the last time you checked in on them. That isn’t necessarily a bad thing, Scorpio.

Rather than resisting this transition, try embracing it. What positives could you glean from a new perspective? If you really took a second to think about it, the nostalgic glow surrounding your previous situation would likely start to dim.

Be cautious not to let the allure of accomplishment blind you to your values, Sag. Are you keeping the company that you are because they make you feel better, empower you, and inspire you? Or do you think it improves your social standing?

Similarly, what about these professional endeavors appeals to you? Is it the positive impact you’ll make or the reputation it might create? Is this truly productive or merely self-serving? The stars urge you to consider these questions before moving forward.

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You can either let this obstacle get the best of you or keep trying. The former guarantees failure, but the latter presents an opportunity to avoid it. While resignation is the easier option, it offers the least amount of value.

And besides, even if you were to resign at this very moment, another obstacle would find its way across your path further down the road. So, you might as well push forward through this one. Remember, Cap—the devil you know is better than the one you don’t.

If you’re unsure of where to turn next, then maybe it’s time to look inward. When was the last time you made a decision based on your internal metrics—your emotions and intuition? Perhaps it’s time to reconnect with that part of yourself.

This perspective doesn’t always give us the answer we want, but it almost always delivers the one we need. And in the grand scheme of things, the latter is far more critical for our personal growth than the former.

It isn’t the outside world’s responsibility to match the rose-colored hue of your perspective. Indeed, you are the one who must view the world as it presents itself to you. Your romantic nature is admirable, but it can also be misleading.

Of course, this can quickly slide into the negative—false projections and assumptions can be just as harmful. The stars encourage you to try taking things at face value this week and going from there. React to what you see, not what you imagine.

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