Off The Shoulder Tops Are The Sexy Alternative To The Cleavage Bearing Styles Of Your 20s

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As we transition into new phases of life, our wardrobes tend to follow suit. Changing bodies and life stages mean we’re attracted to new styles. Pieces that were once go-to’s are now a big no-go.

It can be difficult to find fashion that makes us feel good in our bodies, and so many designers target a younger demographic, leaving us feeling forgotten in midlife and beyond. 

For whatever reason, the cleavage-baring tops that once made me feel sexy now make me feel exposed and uncomfortable.

If you still rock a deep v-neck like it’s nobody’s business, then power to you, sister. But if you’re like me and looking for ways to feel sexy and confident but also comfortable, consider ditching the cleavage and celebrating your clavicle. 

Off-shoulder tops that expose your clavicle—AKA collarbone—and upper shoulders can be even more alluring than major cleavage. Baring your shoulders can be feminine, sensual, and a less-obvious alternative to a plunging neckline.

Off-the-shoulder tops aren’t just sexy, they’re also practical. Bend over without fear of offering a free peepshow, enjoy a little extra coverage in chilly rooms, and feel breezy with a loose fit through the torso.

It may mean that you’ll need to also embrace the strapless bra—or not. Even if you’d typically never go without a bra, a billowy, off-shoulder top made of substantial fabric might make you feel OK about going braless. No one has to know (and really, who cares if they do)!

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This Trina Turk top not only offers a pop of cheerful pink but is also made of mostly recycled polyester (plus it’s marked down!), so you can feel good about your purchase in more ways than one. It’s both elegant and trendy, and can be worn tucked in or not. Pair it with a neutral pair of pants, or with another bright color for a lively, color-blocked vibe.

Daniel Rainn’s DR2 line’s off-the-shoulder blouse features a ruched elastic neckline that stretches from shoulder to shoulder. The polyester blouse is light without being sheer and thin enough to tuck in or leave out of waistbands. This versatile blouse is available in a muted floral or warm earth tone print.

LuckyMore’s off-the-shoulder bell sleeve top is perfect for showing off the collarbones while still providing light coverage on the arms. Its stylish tie detail adds an extra bit of movement to the flowy top, creating a narrow illusion in the midsection. This breezy blouse is available in a whopping 19 colors and patterns, including everything from classic black to a paisley-esque pattern in deep red.

Was this top bought new or thrifted from an eclectic vintage store in SoHo? No one will be able to tell with this timeless peasant-style top from Velvet by Graham & Spencer. This effortlessly chic top can be worn off or on the shoulders for two completely different looks. And the free-flowing silhouette keeps you light and breezy (and covered) as the warm weather stretches into early fall.

It doesn’t get much more classic than Everleigh’s cinched waist off-the-shoulder blouse with small button details. The elastic waist cinches the midsection and adds movement to an otherwise breezy and soft silhouette. Delicate features like small black buttons and a keyhole neckline add a feminine touch to this versatile piece.

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My wardrobe has been forever changed by flounce tops. They create an instant hourglass shape. (The wider fabric on the neckline is doing the trick, but it seems like black magic.) This casual off-the-shoulder flounce top comes in a wide variety of fun colors and styles so you can enjoy this waist-cinching, collarbone-framing top with any outfit.

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