Olivia Newton-John’s Husband Explains How Cannabis Was Key To Her Quality Of Life After Cancer

Olivia Newton-John’s tragic passing this summer undoubtedly rocked Hollywood. In a new interview, the late singer’s husband is sharing some powerful insights into her last days. According to John Easterling, this was Newton-John’s final wish.

Olivia Newton-John Was An Advocate For Cancer Patients

Olivia Newton-John died as a result of breast cancer on August 8, 2022, sending shockwaves throughout her generation-transcending fanbase. The four-time Grammy winner is survived by her husband, who recently opened up about the singer’s fight for equal access to cancer treatment. Newton-John’s family has long advocated for alternative forms of treatment—especially regarding the medical benefits of cannabis.

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Years before her passing, Newton-John founded the Olivia Newton-John Cancer Wellness & Research Centre in Melbourne, Australia. “To have a place that supports the people that are going through [cancer treatments] and their families is my dream. It’s here. And I’m so thrilled,” the Grease star said after the facility opened its doors.

Newton-John spent a large portion of her time advocating for not only equal access to physical treatment but also making sure cancer patients receive the right mental health care. “It’s not just about administering treatment. It’s about caring for the whole person, about understanding their emotional needs, their physical needs, their spiritual needs, and supporting them through the journey,” Dr. Jonathan Cebon, the center’s medical director, explained. “The journey can be very traumatic.”

Newton-John Was A Believer In Medical Cannabis

In a new interview, John Easterling shared just how vital medical cannabis was to the singer’s treatment. According to Easterling, the medicine “undoubtedly extended Olivia’s life and gave her quality of life.” He also praised cannabis for allowing Newton-John to remain “pain-free” without the aid of “toxic chemicals or addictive painkillers.” He added that his wife of 14 years was “cheerful and joyful” all the way to the end.

Easterling explained that Newton-John felt the full force of her privilege and did everything in her power to advocate for equal access to the amazing treatment she was able to secure. “Her dream with the Olivia Newton-John Wellness Centre was to have Australians going through cancer have access to similar types of treatments,” Easterling added.

In her lifetime, Newton-John lobbied Australian politicians to take legal action in an effort to allow medical cannabis to be administered to patients at her treatment facility. Her resolve certainly influenced her family. Her daughter, Chloe Lattanzi, actually owns a legal marijuana farm in Oregon. Along with her cousin and her stepfather, Lattanzi has continued to champion Newton-John’s cause.

Earlier this month, they helped orchestrate the Walk for Wellness in Melbourne, raising money and awareness for Newton-John’s cancer center. It’s clear that although Olivia Newton-John has passed on, her family is determined to carry on her torch.

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