Oof, These 4 Zodiac Signs Are Cringe-Worthy Awkward


No one is immune to the occasional awkward moment. Even the most charming of us have their fair share of cringe-inducing memories. It’s a part of being human. However, some people are more susceptible to these clunky social situations. 

Anxiety, insecurity, and sensitivity all affect how “awkward” we appear to others. While many factors can contribute to these phenomena, they’re also written in the stars. Indeed, our natal charts can assign us “ethereal” or “embarrassing” at birth. 

And according to the cosmos, these four signs are the most cringe-worthy.

Capricorn: Disciplined To A Fault

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Capricorns have difficulty letting loose, making them appear stiff and cold to others. They’re also extremely intelligent. So, they get the immense displeasure of knowing how awkward they’re acting—but not quite knowing how to fix it. 

Because they struggle to let their guard down, others tend to do the same when around a Capricorn. Cap’s close loved ones can see through these barriers. But for a stranger, Cap’s inability to be vulnerable can be off-putting. 

That fear of vulnerability also makes it difficult for Cap to rely on others. They would rather struggle silently (and alone) than admit that they couldn’t do something. Moreover, they have a hard time believing anyone else could actually help. 

Capricorn’s distance is rooted in insecurity, not misanthropy. Still, it reads the same from an outsider’s perspective.

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Virgo: Too Hot Or Too Cold

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Considering how judgmental these signs can be, it might surprise others to know that Virgo is actually incredibly (secretly) awkward. Indeed, the critique they impose on others is nothing compared to the self-criticism they dish out daily. 

From a social perspective, this puts Virgo in a confusing state of way-too-hot or way-too-cold. On the one hand, Virgo’s helping nature causes them to overstep boundaries without realizing it. Unsurprisingly, this can put people on edge. 

On the other hand, Virgo is very insecure. This makes it difficult for them to feel comfortable in social settings. They would rather assume no one wants to talk to them than think the opposite and have it not be true. 

Of course, to outsiders, this can just seem aloof. Despite their best efforts, Virgo can never seem to find a happy-go-lucky middle ground.

Cancer: Cagey And, Yep, Crabby

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Sensitive signs like Cancer get a lot of flack for their emotional prowess. Dealing with feelings might be their forte, but one can’t say the same about society. Most shallow interactions require a level of neutrality that Cancer can’t always reach. 

To start, Cancers love tradition and routine. They need ample time to adjust to their surroundings. If they don’t have that, they can get overstimulated, agitated, and flighty. Like their Zodiac symbol, Cancers prefer the safe shelter of their shell. 

Additionally, Cancers take just about every social interaction to heart. A snide remark—whether said with malice or not—can dramatically alter a Cancer’s mood for the rest of the night. And once they’ve decided to wallow, there’s no going back. 

Thus, people often feel like they have to walk around on eggshells to not upset Cancer. Meanwhile, Cancer feels the same way when leaving their comfort zone.

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Pisces: Flounder, Cringe, Repeat

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Of all the Zodiac signs, Pisces is the most prone to fantasy. These sappy romantics will try to find the good in anyone, even when it’s not merited. Despite their altruistic nature, they struggle to return that favor to themselves. 

Pisces is almost constantly stuck in their own head. They spend conversations analyzing and critiquing their responses. These individuals are completely absorbed in themselves, but not in an egotistical way. In fact, it’s actually the opposite. 

When a Pisces starts to feel uncomfortable (which is often), they start to flounder. They’ll either shut down completely, which makes them come across as rude or cold. Or, they start oversharing every trauma and cringey memory they can muster. 

Those who can get past Pisces’ initial awkwardness know that this sign is also incredibly warm, thoughtful, and helpful. But making it past that first stage isn’t easy.

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