Oprah Winfrey Shares Amazing Slideshow Of Her Different Hair Styles Over The Years

Everyone has tried out different hairstyles at different times in their lives, even celebrities. Oprah Winfrey recently gave fans a look at some of her memorable hair looks in an Instagram slideshow of photos from her past.

‘The Hair Tales’ Is Winfrey’s Latest Project

The video was posted to promote The Hair Tales, a show Winfrey executive produced along with Tracee Ellis Ross, Michaela Davis, the Onyx Collective, and Culture House Media. The first two episodes of The Hair Tales are available to stream on Hulu. 

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“We created a place to gather stories of Black women that honor our identity, beauty, and humanity through the lens of our hair,” Winfrey’s caption read. “You’ll hear powerful stories from special guests but we also want to hear from YOU! Use this sound in your own videos and show us the journey of your hair—and I hope you can join us on this wondrous world of our hair.”

Her Hair Journey, From Curls, To Bobs, To Highlights

Winfrey showed off her own hair journey, from baby pictures to shots that show her today. “Every kink, curl, and coil in a Black woman’s crown has a hair tale,” the text on the video read. “What’s yours?”

The video starts with a young Winfrey sporting braids and bangs before moving to photos of her as a young pageant queen and student with big curls. The next few pictures show Winfrey during her career on television.

Over the years, Winfrey has had short hair, smooth shoulder-length hair, voluminous curls, blonde highlights, and a feathered bob. In recent years, the former talk show host has stuck to a handful of hairstyles: big curls, natural hair, and sleek, shoulder-length hair. 

Followers Share Their Own Hair Journeys

Winfrey’s followers loved the video, leaving stories about their own hair journeys in the comments. “From Afro puffs to cornrows to jheri curl to the hot comb to straightening with perm ‘relaxer’ to shaved head to locs,” one person recounted. 

Another wrote, “I wear my gray hair at 52 because that is what my hair is now. I love that it is healthy and thick because I do not try to change it. In the end acceptance also result in beauty.” The video Winfrey shared of her hair journey through the years has inspired many of her followers to reminisce on their own changing styles through the years and celebrate their haircare.  

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