Oxygenetix’s Moisturizer Was Hollywood’s Secret, Now It’s Mine

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As someone whose skin is a confusing oily-and-dry mix, finding the right moisturizer can seem near impossible. I’ve tried countless brands, ingredients, and so-called “miracle” products. Yet, my face still ends up greasy one minute and flaky the next. 

Whether too heavy, barely there, irritating, or ineffective, every moisturizer I tried fell at least a little short. So, when I heard about a moisturizer dubbed “Hollywood’s makeup secret,” my ears perked up. 

And after reading more about this heavy-hitting formula and A-list-backed users, I was hooked.

A Look At The Ingredients

Hollywood-approved or not, I had a long list of requirements this “secret” product would have to meet. I wanted a moisturizer that hydrated my skin without weighing it down. And if it could hold its own against sunburns and my occasional clay mask, even better. 

Oxygenetix’ Oxygenating Hydro-Matrix claimed to do all of these things (and then some). I was immediately intrigued by the brand’s claim of a breathable, “second skin” formula. Then, I noticed the ingredient list.

Out of all the trendy skincare ingredients out there, hyaluronic acid seems to work well for my skin. Additionally, the Hydro-Matrix includes vitamin E, soothing aloe, green tea extract, and a proprietary Ceravitae complex (more on that later).

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Putting It To The Test

The first impression wooed me enough to try the Hydro-Matrix for myself. I didn’t make any changes to my skincare routine besides swapping Oxygenetix for my current moisturizer. And as I rubbed in the Hydro-Matrix, I noticed my skin slurping up the hydrating goodness right away. 

Straight off the bat, my skin felt noticeably plumper and more hydrated. I was worried it would stay heavy and sticky, but its overall feel lightened considerably within minutes. My skin felt soft and supple throughout the day, unlike my old gel that would dry out by lunchtime.

Get More Bang (And Breath) For Your Buck

Full disclosure, the price gave me pause. The Hydro-Matrix is about $20 more expensive than the moisturizer I had been using. But after trying it out, I can see why. Not only does the Hydro-Matrix do more for my skin, but a little bit also goes a long way.

First, its “second-skin” sell—that’s a hefty claim, but its proprietary Ceravitae complex backs it up. Ceravitae is an Oxygenetix-exclusive ingredient derived from a yeast compound with pro-healing properties. It promotes oxygen uptake to skin cells, and, thus, accelerates tissue growth.

As the skin cells increase oxygen uptake, they start making more collagen and elastin. These two proteins are responsible for our skin’s smoothness and firmness. As our bodies’ natural reserves deplete, the skin starts to wrinkle, sag, and dull. 

This extra oxygen intake also speeds up the healing process. The Hydro-Matrix’s exclusive formula is particularly great for post-procedure or post-facial healing. Soothing aloe and green tea extract calm irritated, angry skin, whether caused by sunburns or chemical treatments.

The Science Behind Its Mega Moisturizing Power

Finally, this ultra-nourishing moisturizer contains two key hydrating ingredients. The first is Sodium PCA, which comes from a naturally occurring amino acid. It draws moisture in from the air, thereby increasing the water content of the top layer of the skin. 

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Hyaluronic acid also retains moisture—over one thousand times its weight in water, to be exact. While it occurs naturally in the body, we start to lose it as we age. Consequently, our skin loses volume and plumpness.

Together, these two key ingredients hydrate, volumize, and smooth the skin.

Let Hollywood’s Leaked Secret Be Your New Gain

Professional makeup artists and celebs alike have fallen in love with Oxygenetix’ scientifically proven formulas. Loz Schiavo, the makeup artist for Peaky Blinders, uses the Hydro-Matrix in tandem with the Oxygenating Foundation for a “lovely, translucent sheer look. We love it!”

Celebs like Cindy Crawford, Margot Robbie, and Ellie Goulding are also fans of Oxygenetix. Dermatologists, plastic surgeons, and other aesthetic professionals highly recommend Oxygenetix for its healing power as well. 

Oxygenetix nourishes, protects, and revives the skin. It passed my difficult oily/dry test better than any drugstore moisturizer ever has. And considering a $60 bottle will last months, it honestly feels a bit like highway robbery. My skin looks and feels better than ever, and yours can too.

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