Palace Rumor Claims Royal Family Supposedly Blackmailing Prince Harry And Meghan Markle

Are Prince Harry and Meghan Markle getting blackmailed? One report says the royal family is harboring bombshell bullying accusations against Marle and using them to keep the Sussexes in line. Let’s see what’s going on here.

‘Royals Blackmail Harry & Meghan’

According to the Globe, the royal family has completed its investigation into Markle’s conduct. She stands accused of bullying palace staffers. The results of the investigation are deliberately being kept private, and sources tell the Globe this is in the name of blackmail. Dangling the results will apparently keep Markle and Harry in line.

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A royal insider explains, “Although the monarchy has publicly acknowledged the investigation is complete, the findings of the highly sensitive inquiry will never be released—unless Meghan and Harry continue their scorched earth war on the royal family.”

 Markle has continuously denied the allegations, but an insider can’t help but wonder why the palace is covering anything up: “If Meghan did nothing wrong, there would be no problem releasing what went on.” Covering the results up seemingly confirms wrongdoing.

What’s Going On With The Sussexes?

First of all, the Globe is the same outlet that claimed Meghan Markle staged her miscarriage for publicity. In this story alone calls her a “wicked witch,” “high-maintenance,” a bully, and a mean girl. Its stories are thinly-veiled inflammatory hit pieces. Legitimate news sources don’t refer to their subjects this way.

As this story reluctantly admits, the results of the inquiry into Markle’s bullying have been kept confidential. No news is not inherently bad news. The royal family isn’t exactly known for its transparency. For instance, the love letters Princess Margaret wrote in the 1950s will remain sealed until 2030. This is just business as usual.

The whole premise at play here is totally bogus as well. While tabloids love spilling ink about Markle’s “scorched earth war on the royal family,” she very rarely discusses what her royal life was like. Since the Oprah Winfrey interview, she’s barely done any press whatsoever. She’s looking forward and not backward, unlike the Globe.

Meghan Markle Myths

This tabloid has already used this bullying probe to make money. Just last month it claimed Meghan Markle’s staff was abandoning her over the allegations. There’s no evidence this happened. We also busted its story about Prince Harry demanding an apology over his treatment at the Platinum Jubilee. Harry and Markle seemed to have a delightful time in the United Kingdom, so that was bogus.

The Globe is among the worst tabloids on the planet. This story about blackmail lacks any evidence, so you should disregard it.

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