Pamela Anderson Netflix Documentary: Actress Reclaims Her Life With ‘Pamela, A Love Story’


The Baywatch actress and activist Pamela Anderson is more than just her body that many strived to have in the 90s. A new Pamela Anderson Netflix documentary allows the actress to finally reveal her true story. 

Netflix wrote that Pamela, a love story, is about the nineties’ sex symbol’s life. “In her own words, through personal video and diaries, Pamela Anderson shares the story of her rise to fame, rocky romances and infamous sex tape scandal.”

The Pamela, A Love Story release date is January 31, 2023, on Netflix.

Before we dive deep into the world of Pamela Anderson, let’s take a glimpse at her early life.

A Traumatizing Childhood

You’d think that the sex-positive animal-rights activist has always had a healthy relationship with sex. But Pamela Anderson suffered abuse from many people when she was growing up. She endured sexual abuse at the hands of her female babysitter when she was 6-10 years old. When she was 12, she was raped by a man way older than her — the predator was 25 years old. If that wasn’t traumatizing enough, she was also raped by a group of men including her then-boyfriend when she was 14.

Pamela Anderson also found it difficult to trust humans because of her troubled childhood; her father was also an alcoholic. Because of her distrust towards people, she said she turned to animals and “vowed to protect them and only them” until she had children. However, she also recalled one time in her childhood when her father didn’t want her bringing home kittens. Pamela Anderson said, “And I had my kittens in the house. And so, he ended up putting them in a paper bag and running down to the beach, with me screaming after him. And he drowned the kittens.”

The Infamous Sex Tape

Back in 1995 — when the internet was a fairly new concept to many, the “first” viral sex tape was leaked. It contained Pamela Anderson and Tommy Lee doing the deed. Unfortunately, the tape surfaced because it was stolen from them. When the Canadian native was asked what people should know about the sex tape, she explained, “That it was stolen property, that it was two crazy naked people in love,” Pamela added, “I mean, we were naked all the time and filming each other and being silly, but those tapes were not meant for anybody else to see. And I’ve not seen it to this day. It was very hurtful.”


A Baywatch Bombshell

Most people know Pamela Anderson as the Baywatch actress who’d run in slow motion while wearing her famous red bikini. She also graced the cover of Playboy magazines — and these made her the sex symbol that she is.

Back then, cosmetic surgery doctors saw a rise in women wanting breast implants and they aspired to have breasts similar to Pamela Anderson’s — doctors say she “revolutionized” breast implant procedures. But the blonde bombshell eventually had hers removed. She said there was no medical reason for the removal, and she added, “I feel like I’m a petite person and just having these large breasts was, it just didn’t feel right any more. I was really kind of being self-conscious of it.”

Pamela Anderson — An Activist and A Mother of Two

When Pamela Anderson became a mother of 2, her life changed immensely. She says it’s her favorite job in the world and that being a mom to her two boys saved her. She claims that “if I wasn’t a mom, I don’t think I would’ve survived.”

Pamela Anderson is also renowned for her activism. She’s known to support animal rights for years now — the animal-loving Canadian posed naked for PETA a handful of times before. Sadly, this drew backlash and her home country banned the ad. Pamela responded to this by expressing her disappointment that “a woman would be banned from using her own body in a political protest over the suffering of cows and chickens.”

It’s not just the animals and their rights that Pamela Anderson voices her activism for. She’s also known to protest against pornography and irresponsible driving. The model is also a spokesperson for MAC Cosmetics’ MAC AIDS Fund. The mom-of-two also expressed her preference to wanting cannabis to be legalized then when she wrote a letter to former President Barack Obama.

To Wind Things Up

We’ve known Pamela Anderson as the epitome of sexy and sultry. But we’re yet to find out how much more of a doting mother she is — and how significant her voice is as an activist in the upcoming Pamela Anderson Netflix documentary about her life. Pamela Anderson is a victim of sexual assault, objectification, and a leaked sex tape. Many other women also dealt with this and some are horribly going through this. It’s important to know that this is not appropriate. If you’re a victim of violence, abuse, or assault, consider taking the right measures such as seeking legal action.



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