Pat Sajak Getting Called Out (Again) For Latest Faux Pas Against Vanna White


After working together for so long, it’s no surprise that Pat Sajak and Vanna White might get on each other’s nerves once in a while. Sajak has been getting slammed on social media for a recent snippy comment he made during a Wheel of Fortune episode, directed at his long-time game show partner. 

During the episode, a contestant on the show guessed that there was an “N” in the puzzle they were trying to solve. As White made her way towards the board to light up the letter, Sajak snapped, “Could you move a little faster?”

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White didn’t respond, other than giving Sajak a smile, but fans were quick to express their anger at the game show host online. “Pat Sajak just told Vanna White to hurry up,” one person tweeted. “B*tch, I will shank you. You don’t get snotty with a national treasure.”

Someone else wrote, “Are you watching wheel rn? Pats out here disrespecting our girl Vanna.” This is far from the first time Wheel of Fortune viewers have gotten annoyed at Sajak’s side comments. 

More Off-Color Comments Sajak Has Made

In one recent episode, Sajak got a little personal with White. One fan wrote, “#PatSajak just straight up asked #VannaWhite if she had ever had #fleas! I’m dead.” In another episode, the topic of opera came up when a contestant revealed that they were a professional opera singer. 

Sajak asked White if she was an “opera buff.” The Wheel of Fortune star replied, “I’m not a buff, but I like opera.” Viewers of the show were shocked when Sajak responded, “Have you ever watched opera in the buff? I’m just curious.”

Sajak’s Response To The Haters: ‘Why Should You Care What I Think?’

The game show host has been getting a lot of heat for these comments, and he appeared to hit back at his critics in a tweet. “You know what I think?” he wrote. “Of course not. And why should you care what I think? I’m a TV game show host. Now if I were a talk show host or a famous actor, that would be a different story. Then my opinion would carry a lot of weight.”

Fans of Sajak encouraged him in the comments section. “I care what you think,” one person wrote. “you’re way smarter than many famous actors or talk show hosts. and way more down to earth and humble.”

Even though some Wheel of Fortune viewers might be getting tired of Sajak’s slightly rude comments, he and White have been partners on the game show for forty years. If the two really had a problem with each other, it seems unlikely that they would continue to work together. 

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