Perfect Options Trading Week Attained!

Perfect Options Week Completed!

We are extraordinarily pleased to get back into the saddle this morning, because our first order of business as we kick off a fresh week is to congratulate ourselves for the herculean effort we put forth last week for our readers. Despite going with four sets of bearish plays in our premarket report on Friday and the markets having an exceedingly bullish session, all four of our target sets produced big gains in defiance of the overall trends.The performance completed a perfect, mistake-free week of daily options ideas on our part, and we couldn’t be more pleased.

Our targets for Friday were the HCA Weekly $200 Puts, the AXP Weekly $137-135 Puts, the RHI Weekly $75-70 Puts* and the SIVB Weekly $260-250 Puts. Here were the gains they produced, including an absolutely unreal gainer in the AXP chain to the tune of over forty thousand percent!

HCA Weekly $200 Puts
 8.45-14.10 (+67%)

AXP Weekly $137-135 Puts
 .01-4.47 (+44,600%)
$136: .45-3.70 (+722%)
$135: .10-2.86 (+2760%)

RHI Weekly $75-70 Puts*
 1.95-2.98 (+53%)
$70: .20-.60 (+200%)

SIVB Weekly $260-250 Puts*
$260: 8.90-24.91 (+180%)
$250: 3.68-14.78 (+302%)

Fresh Options Ideas:
SPY 10/24 $374-376 Calls
PHG 11/18 $12.50 Puts
DICE 11/18 $35 Calls 

Extended Watchlist:

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