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Pinktastic Plastixx Loves Eurythmics: Kitten Kay Sera of Pinktastic Plastixx told us about her Eurythmics experience.

Kitten Kay Sera: The year was 1986. I was front row center and paid a scalper all the money from I had working at the record store in Houston Texas (it was either Sam Goody or Hastings Records ..y’know, I can’t even remember as I was employed at both throughout the years  ha!)

I worked overtime to pay for a ticket to the show with my best friend! I could have gotten free tickets from my job easily- but no, I HAD to have FRONT ROW.

I loved and adored the band I was about to see – almost to the point of obsession.

Out comes the bleached blonde androgynous lead singer with a crew cut -the first song was Sexcrime. The male partner in crime in the band was on guitar and he smiled at us because I had a huge PINK banner airbrushed with the lead singers FACE! I also had pink roses to give the singer. I never will forget the exhilaration of their live performance  The vocals were insane! She gave me chills. She was vicious!

I also remember thinking, “One day I will be on stage and commanding an audience like that!”

Cut to the year 2017 I’m sitting outside a Starbucks in Los Angeles on Sunset Blvd. on my cell phone with my bff and I said, “Oh my gosh ….. so & so just walked by!“

He said “GO.” I hung up before he could even finish.

See the  photo to reveal the band I’m speaking of… yeah the EURYTHMICS! The funny thing is Annie Lennox was with her daughter on that unusually hot October day and when we met she said “Mom, she’s famous!“

Lol that kinda made my day. I LOVE LA!

Pinktastic Plastixx Loves Eurythmics: Go to Instagram to find out more about Pinktastic Plastixx.

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