Pop-Tart And Candy Flavored Coffee? New Coffee Mate Creamer Flavors Are Taking Us Back To Our Childhood

When it comes to unique coffee creamer flavors, no one quite does it like Coffee mate. However, the company recently announced that a new flavor is hitting shelves this winter, and it will surely make the cup of coffee you didn’t know you needed.

Coffee Mate Is Going Wild With Collaborations

Over the years, Coffee mate has stocked coffee creamer aisles with an endless variety of tasty concoctions. More recently, the company has been collaborating with some popular brands to make your mornings a little sweeter. Rice Krispies Treats, Cinnamon Toast Crunch, and Snickers are just a few brands that have lent their flavors to the creamer company.

Per the company’s latest announcements, it looks like Coffee mate will be continuing this trend. Of course, seasonal flavors are dominating the shelves right now. There’s no competing against pumpkin spice this time of year, and peppermint mocha is always the winter favorite. However, the company is giving coffee lovers a reason to stay excited about their morning brew after the holidays pass.

Coffee Mate Announces Multiple New Flavors

For the kid at heart, Coffee mate is collaborating with Pop-Tarts to bring its classic toasted brown sugar cinnamon flavor right into your mug. This new flavor is just genius in our book but, be warned, it will only be available for a limited time. Sure, as we’ve gotten older we all have come to the devastating realization that Pop-Tarts are not actually well-balanced meals. However, a couple of tablespoons in our morning cup of joe is a pleasure we won’t feel so guilty about. Just don’t complain if it inspires you to revisit that childhood treat.

On top of that, there’s an updated version of a Halloween candy classic coming as well. For the sugar sensitive or those looking for something a little fancier than just caramel-flavored creamer, Coffee mate also announced that there’s a Zero Sugar Twix Flavored Creamer coming in the new year.

promotional image of Coffee mate Twix Zero Sugar coffee creamer
(Coffee mate)

However, Coffee mate isn’t just treating your childlike side. It’s also bringing an adult favorite into your morning routine. Come January, you’ll also be able to grab the new Kahlúa & Creme flavor. Of course, the creamer version is completely non-alcoholic, but if you’re a fan of the beloved coffee liqueur—or nostalgic for The Big Lebowski at least—this will certainly be a collaboration you won’t want to miss. If this flavor does give you a hankering for the original, though, just do your best to hold off until after office hours.

These new flavors are just case-in-point that coffee goes with everything. Thankfully, we have Coffee mate to bring whatever sweet treat you desire straight into your mug. Of course, we’re loving pumpkin spice season, but these new flavors are certainly going to give holiday coffee creamers a run for their money. Just know that our New Year’s resolution is definitely not going to be “drink less coffee.”

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