Pre-Chill Your Cooler To Keep Food And Drinks Colder, Longer


This summer while you’re at the beach, the lake, or on a long road trip, there are a few things you don’t want to forget. Loading up on sunscreen is an obvious must, along with other summer vaca essentials like a flattering swimsuit and a good book.

And, of course, some snacks and cold drinks are also necessary to bring along for everyone. Because a hangry child or mom just isn’t a good look while trying to have the best summer ever.

But, have you ever reached into your cooler and noticed that your drinks or food just isn’t as cold as it should be? What’s the deal? What could help keep your cooler cold(er)? We think we just stumbled upon the trick!

The Secret Trick To Staying Cool 

Pre-chilling your cooler is the hack we didn’t even know was a thing until now. I mean, a cooler is just supposed to keep things cool, right? Well, if a cooler has been sitting in your hot garage all summer, the ice you dump into it as you are about to walk out the door has a lot of work to do. It first has to cool down the temperature inside the cooler before it can cool down anything else.

The trick is to first bring your cooler inside and let it get down to room temperature a few days before using it. Then the night before your outing, add some ice or icepacks to your cooler to bring down the temperature even more.

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When you pack your cooler, the type of ice matters as well. Commercial ice is much colder than the ice in your refrigerator, so it’s best to buy some bagged ice. It’s also important to try to limit the number of times you open your cooler.

If you’re outside, stick your cooler in the shade under a tree or umbrella to keep the contents as cold as possible. Also, try to pack your cooler as full as possible. You’ll probably need quite a bit of ice to fill in any gaps because a half-full cooler won’t stay as cold as one filled to the brim.

So, next time you go glamping, picnicking, sitting poolside, or spending the day at the ball field, remember this hack to keep all of your snacks and drinks colder for much longer. We are sure your friends and family will thank you!

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